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  1. Ginny and Tom Riddle
  2. House Elf Magic
  3. House Elves as Killers?
  4. Ancestor or Descendant?
  5. Mandragora?
  6. Mortal Danger?
  7. If Ginny had died ...
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  9. Voldemort: How Did He Know About The Chamber in His First Year?
  10. Flesh Eating Slug Repellent?
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  12. Did Dumbledore Know More About Tom?
  13. Why didn't Dumbledore notice....
  14. Possible time anomaly??
  15. Are we missing something here??
  16. Blue Flames?
  17. Muggle Skills Coming Into Play?
  18. Where Do House Elves Come From?
  19. Scared to See Harry Go?
  20. why only Tom Riddle??
  21. Why Didn't Hagrid Tell Someone?
  22. Preview of Legilimency?
  23. Is it all relative??
  24. JKR’s little jokes….
  25. What was Dobby thinking at the end?
  26. Tom Riddle's Motivation
  27. Why Does Snape Want Harry Expelled?
  28. 'Neither can live while the other survives'
  29. Why the need for Polyjuice potion?
  30. Would Lucius have died like Voldemort?
  31. Who Closed the Chamber?
  32. did you guys notice this?
  33. What if . . .