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  1. Blaise Wild Speculation #1 - The Prophecies
  2. Very wild speculation!
  3. Who Was the Backfired Curse Meant For?
  4. 'Time and Space Matter'
  5. Did Dumbledore orchestrate Sirius's death?
  6. Separated at birth?
  7. Is Dudley really a Dursley?
  8. Who, if anyone, then, is from the future?!
  9. The Mirror of Erised
  10. Lily & James...Useful Spies?
  11. Hagrid--possible prisoner
  12. AK and the Veil
  13. Much Worse Than Death
  14. Fawkes
  15. Wizard to Muggle?
  16. Which times of time travel will be relevant?
  17. Eye Magic?
  18. Dumbledore in Love?
  19. Could Voldemort's body be useful?
  20. Why give Hermione the Time Turner?
  21. Sirius only worth saving once?
  22. Three Parts of Voldemort
  23. Death of Nagini: What Effect Would It Have on Voldemort?
  24. From Muggle to Wizard?
  25. When did they use the Marauder's Map?
  26. The truth in Harry Potter. . .
  27. Dumbledore and Harry's Scar
  28. Voldemort's UV?
  29. Grindewald, Dumbledore's Family, and Horcruxes, possibly...
  30. Hagrid and Voldemort at Godric's Hollow
  31. Snape has a son
  32. Aparating in time
  33. The Love Protection Charm
  34. Protection for Harry
  35. Dumbledore IS Alive
  36. Why is the vanishing cabinet painted black and gold?
  37. A Dropped Horcrux?
  38. What if the potion in the cave hiding the horcrux was the Draught of Living Death?
  39. Voldermort Dead
  40. Bad Dream
  41. The first to rise...
  42. The Author and the Seer
  43. Thesis on Reversal in Character
  44. Portraits
  45. Ideas for the future... a request?