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  1. This is a face of smugness
  2. Death List - biggest spoiler of em all, so you've been warned!
  3. What was your number 1 favorite thing in the book?
  4. Regulus
  5. surprises and twists, what would you do differently and things left unsaid
  6. 'two died that i didnt intend to, one character got a reprieve'
  7. Fidelius Charm/Grimmauld Place
  8. Grade the book
  9. A change of heart?
  10. Prophecy results
  11. A Wand Apart?
  12. Elder Wand - multiple significance?
  13. JKR Devistated if anyone guesssed
  14. What happens next...
  15. How did Dumbledore know
  16. Hufflepuff Common Room
  17. Missed Clues in Book 7
  18. Had Neville been the chosen one
  19. dumbledore is gay
  20. the tales of beedle the bard