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Why are you using Promotion?
Basically, we are using promotions to ensure that The Final Horcrux site policy and statements are followed. We are endeavouring to ensure that you are right for what we want - this may seem callous or elitist, but in fact, all we are trying to ensure is that The Final Horcrux delivers on its promises. Some people may sign up and find they don't like what we are about. We have tried our best to let everyone know what The Final Horcrux is, what we expect, etc.. In order to retain members who fit the model of The Final Horcrux, these measures have to be in place to ensure everyone enjoys The Final Horcrux. We are in full support of a community that is diverse in nature, but common in approach.

What is the criteria to 'Graduate'?
The criteria set by the Unspeakables for 'promotion' to The Final Horcrux remain secret. This is to ensure that a minority of members do not exploit this process just to 'graduate' and have full access to the site.

What is 'Fast Track'?
Fast Track is the process The Final Horcrux uses to monitor new members for suitability for the site. This monitoring is done by the staff 'behind the scenes' and allows us to ensure that you will fit in with the site's direction. During 'Fast Track', certain forum options will be unavailable to you, such as Personal Messages, Marauder's Map, Public Usergroups, etc.. You may also be contacted by a 'Unspeakable' to try and guide you. Every new member is placed into 'Fast Track' and it is used to ensure that the direction of The Final Horcrux remains constant with new members. Fast Track leads to promotion for the right candidates.

What is 'Promotion'?
Promotion happens automatically when a new 'Fast Track' member meets the specified criteria. Promotion will change your primary usergroup from 'n00b' to 'TFH Graduate'. It is like a graduation process that means you have met the site's criteria and direction, and you are displaying the characteristics The Final Horcrux is looking for in the community. Once you graduate you will have full access to the site, including Personal Messages, Marauder's Map, profile details, and Public Usergroups.

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