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What is SPAM?
SPAM are Short, Pointless, Annoying Messages. We ask that you keep all of your posts on-topic and that you avoid one-liners. To further the discussions we ask that you elaborate on your ideas and opinions so that we can better understand why you feel the way you do. As a reminder, SPAM is against the Site Guidelines here at The Final Horcrux and failure to follow those rules could result in a temporary ban from the site.

What is a thread?
A 'thread' is a subject of discussions. Inside all the forums you will see threads. They should be titled in a manner that makes sense to other people - be descriptive of what you are trying to say and try to make it exciting to get the most amount of interest. Always check that a thread of a similar nature doesn't exist before creating a new one.

How do I post a new thread?
Find the correct forum for the subject you wish to discuss - click to go inside the forum. Check that the topic doesn't exist first. To start a thread - click the 'New Thread' button situated left & top/bottom of the forums page. Please give it a 'descriptive' name that sums up in a few words what you wish to discuss on this new thread. Then type what you would like to discuss - giving as much detail about what you would like to discuss in the first thread. If it is too vague, other people will misunderstand and post replies that seem out of place or not what you wanted to discuss.

What is a post?
A 'post' is a reply to a thread. When you find a thread that interests you and you wish to make a contribution, you make a post. A post will be your comments on the subject. Usually you should try and keep your responses in your post 'on-topic' to what the thread is about or the direction the thread is running. If you take posts 'off-topic' you may get a reminder from a member of staff.

How do I post?
You can post in two ways: 1. Click the 'Post Reply' button situated on the left hand side of the thread - top and bottom. 2. You can use the 'Quick Reply' button which is situated at the bottom right of every post - next to the 'edit' and 'quote' button. This will allow you to type in the quick reply box found at the bottom of each thread.

How do I search?
The 'Search' button is located at the very top of the page on the right hand side. Please click this button and it will take you to a page where you can specify options such as words - location - author - subject etc.

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