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Finnegan 23-09-2004 11:31

Magic Late in Life
JKR has mentioned that someone who had not previously been able to do magic will find that ability late in life. So this probably means that either a Muggle or a Squib will suddenly stop being a Muggle or a Squib.

The way I see it, we have three obvious candidates: Petunia Dursley (my personal favourite), Arabella Figg, and Argus Filch. Which one of these do you think it'll be? Or will it be someone completely different?

Tinkerbell 29-09-2004 12:46

Re: Magic Late in Life
Nice one Finnegan! Where did you hear this?

I agree with your personal favourite that it will be Petunia Dursley, and wonder whether Dumbledore's 'last', referring to the Howler she received in OotP, may have suggested to Petunia that the time was nearing that she would be able to use magic herself?

I think that Figgy has already resigned herself to never being able to do magic, and Filch has tried desperately to be able to do magic, and if he can't do it even working within the most magical place in England, I don't think is ever going to be able to do it! :D

Kingsley 29-09-2004 12:49

Re: Magic Late in Life
I think it would have to be petunia since vernon is more anti wizard than she is and the irony would be appreciated
Petunia's knowledge of the wizarding world is unwelcome also which makes it unlike the other 2 candidates who have no problem being in it

PrettyMS.Potter 29-09-2004 16:25

Re: Magic Late in Life
OH! I say petunia - JKR did mention there is somethin more to Petunia that meets the eye. I say Petunia will be a witch or squib. ;)

The Laughing Imp 29-09-2004 18:42

Re: Magic Late in Life
Well, you can rule out squib. I read a recent review where somebody asked Jo if Petunia was a squib and she answered in the negative.

Alz 30-09-2004 13:56

Re: Magic Late in Life
Given JKR's recent comments on Petunia, you have to be liking the odd's it will be her ...
JKR's comments were almost mocking when you read them but then again you cant take that as a sure fire sign, encouraging none the less ...
Failing that I would love to say Dudley, just because of the sheer irony of all it would mean:)

Madam Rosmerta 30-09-2004 14:41

Re: Magic Late in Life
I predict it will be... Filch!

During the tumult, Mrs. Norris's life will be in danger, and one of the students (Harry perhaps) will save her.

Suddenly Filch will realize he was wrong all these years to hate the students.

His heart overflowing with gratitude, pointless hate eliminated, he will realize that the magic was in him all along.

The power of love!

Just kidding. I will vomit if anything like that happens. I'm hoping it is Dudley. How will Petunia and Vernon cope?

Finnegan 01-10-2004 04:02

Re: Magic Late in Life
Ah, but JKR said "late in life". (I need to find that quote, but she used the word "late".) Now, if Dudley suddenly learned how to do magic at say, the age of 17, it wouldn't exactly be late in life. So I'm still leaning towards Petunia.

I mean, as the only family that Harry has left, the Dursleys would make a pretty obvious target for the Death Eaters - what if Petunia suddenly learned how to magically defend herself, out of sheer necessity? I think it would be cool if she stopped repressing the ability when she simply didn't have any choice any longer - a sort of "do or die" thing. Who knows - Vernon might even be grateful. ;)

Tonks 01-10-2004 16:44

Re: Magic Late in Life
LMAO Madam Rosmerta! I agree, that would definitely be sickening.

I think I need to agree with the consensus here and say Petunia as well. She would, without a doubt, be the most interesting possibility. And just imagine Vernon and Dudley- too funny!

I do have to mention that it would be a nice twist by JKR if it was instead Filch. Could the Kwikspell letter have been forshadowing, and not just a bit to inform us that Filch was a Squib? :)

Alz 02-10-2004 10:54

Re: Magic Late in Life
In support of Petunia, someone said above she will do it unknowingly - and I tend to agree!
I think Petunia live safe in the knowledge that Voldemort and the other Death Eaters cant touch her or her family as long as Harry is around ...
We also know that Voldemort can now touch Harry, is this protection of Privat Drive now gone?
If so, is it possible to assume that one summer a Dark Lord or his followers will come calling?
If so, Would Petunia be faced with seeing her loved ones in mortal danger and it awakens something inside of her she never knew she had?
Could it be that she is as gifted as sister but never wanted to pursue it, instead to ridicule and make light of it?
What would the effect be on her husband and son when they see Mum do 'freaky magic' in order to protect the ones she loves?

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