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hfinallyquiet 02-05-2006 17:29

Re: Slytherin's Locket
Yayyy. I had thought of that too. I even broke out OoTP and found the same passage. If that was the locket, wouldn't it have done damage when touched? Just like Marvolo's ring? Of course, if RAB had already killed the soul, it wouldn't have been dangerous to touch.

Vold. E. Mort 03-05-2006 07:05

Re: Slytherin's Locket
Hey folks, after posting that Kreacher had the locket, which I believed was what I read at the time, I looked it up and found that I was wrong. The locket isn't mentioned in his nest find. I tried to find this thread and correct myself, but it was lost in the bowels of the board. I still believe that is the locket, but I have no evidence to support it. Surely the real locket would have a snake on it, and surely they would have noticed such an obvious giveaway. I mean, Hermione saw it afterall.. Ron or Harry, sure, they might not put 2 and 2 together, but Hermy would. Sorry for the misinformation folks!

SnapeLovesLily 23-07-2006 22:48

Re: Slytherin's Locket
Now I did'nt read all the threads to this topic, so someone might have said this already, but I was thinking that maybe Kreacher went with R.A.B to get the horcrux from the cave because kreacher had to R.A.B owns him. And maybe R.A.B made Kreacher drink the potion and keep the locket hidden at the Black House.

Sir Cadogan 24-07-2006 11:18

Re: Slytherin's Locket

Originally Posted by SnapeLovesLily
... maybe R.A.B made Kreacher drink the potion and keep the locket hidden at the Black House.

Now that's a fascinating idea! We all know that elfs have very strong magic inside them which they have to use to the advantage of their master. So it makes sense for somebody who owns a house-elf to take him along and use these powers. Hadn't thought of that. Good thinking, SLL!

Flyboy 24-07-2006 11:56

Re: Slytherin's Locket
So, sorry, I am away from home and don't have the book with me, can anyone tell me what the message in the locket said exactly? I can't remember.

Alz 24-07-2006 12:04

Re: Slytherin's Locket
To the Dark Lord
I know I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match, you will be mortal once more. R.A.B.

Kreacher the assistant - yeah I could see that - after all if RAB is Regulus - he was in the service of the Dark Lord and being a good Black - I dont think Kreacher was intelligent enough to question the orders ...
I still would love it to be Dumbledore - just something about the message that cries mocking - and would have been easily able to slip that into the locket - and I am sure Harry will read that to Voldemort in book 7 - and he will know exactly who it was!

Flyboy 24-07-2006 12:57

Re: Slytherin's Locket
so, please bare with me. Do we assume that to real locket horcrux has been destroyed as the messenger says he is probably dead before the message is read and therefore that person will have destroyed the locket?? If so that means harry no longer needs to find it?? Sorry, I can hear you all tutting and raising your eyes to the ceiling, but I am really confused!!

SnapeLovesLily 24-07-2006 13:29

Re: Slytherin's Locket
To flyboy

the note left only says they plan to destroy it. There is no actual proof it was destroyed. I personally think the locket is still with kreacher and that RAB was killed before he could destroy it, but not before he could hide it.

Angelis 28-07-2006 13:44

Re: Slytherin's Locket
what if mundungus has the locket,he was selling the stuff they was putting in to bags to throw away, does he still have it? if he sold it it could be any where , i cant see jkr making harrys journey even harder , i still think it's at grimmauld road, hiding with krecher or in a bag they haven't thrown away yet.
i think r.a.b. didn't destroy it tho , or the locket would of opened , but r.a.b. could of destroyed it & jinxed it so that if voldemort did find it he gets a nasty surprize when it's open.

Alz 29-07-2006 01:50

Re: Slytherin's Locket
See that is the little links that help Harry find the clues - Dung looks like a highly possible link in the whereabouts of the locket - and so does Aberforth for whom he was talking to in Hogsmeade ... I think little things like this will make Harry's task a lot easier - he will work out there is a pattern to Voldemort's horcruxes and he will get more information - he will start to figure out the links ...
I think Aberforth has that locket now - probably was under orders to give it to Dumbledore ... but Dung will now ...
This is of course all assuming RAB is Regulus and that link becomes apparant to Harry nice and early.

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