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Fortescue 24-10-2007 13:28

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"

Originally Posted by Mr_Bandman (Post 33989)
I am disappointed----NOT BECAUSE DUMBLEDORE IS GAY----I really don’t care at all about that----I am disappointed that he is anything at all in that area. She has tried to make her characters as real as possible, but face it---they’re wizards, for crying out loud. They are all pretend. There’s nothing real about them. Why must this discussion take place?

I took her comment with a laugh. My first thought was that the hype died down so quickly that she wanted to stir the pot a little and see what might pop up. Since she never hinted in the slightest about Dumbledore being gay, I can only guess I'm right! I think that all the blogs died a month after the release of the last book. She had enough parents walking a tight rope because some nut-case said it was all evil, now she will have all the puritans pishing and shushing because how dare a hero in a children's book be gay?

Just a little "here I am" for attention to take everyone's mind off the fact she showed her boob last week on camera. :)

Arwan 24-10-2007 13:39

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"
This site is certainly not a gay bashing site. The real issue is her timing and why she felt the need to now say that DD is gay. JKR has been asked on other occassions whether DD and Minerva had a relationship and she simply said no, so if it was so important that the world know that DD is gay why did she not address it then and why does it matter, as it has been said many times it this thread it has nothing to do with the story.

iastud20 24-10-2007 14:57

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"
the thing that i dont understand the most is that many people do not understand why she proclaimed that he's gay. and that she announced his sexuality. many people have said that its inappropriate for her to have assigned him a sexuality, when in reality, he has always had one. every person in reality and fiction does. people just assume that they are straight. for anyone who hasnt read the news articles about it, in the next movie they were going to show a scene were dumbledore reflects and talked about a female love interest, and jkr told them he was gay. i think she had every right to make that correction because he is her character. in my last post i did not mean to imply that anything that was previously said was homophobic, just a little close-minded. everyone assumes that everyone is straight until proven otherwise. and mr bandman was right i dont have kids, i do understand that they change everything. but i do know that my children will know the difference from a very young age. but i did not mean any offense to anyone.

Mr_Bandman 24-10-2007 15:18

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"

Originally Posted by iastud20 (Post 34013)
but i do know that my children will know the difference from a very young age.

That is, of course, your choice as a parent....I don't know anything about you, so I won't pretend to know your values or motivations, but I could definitely imagine myself saying exactly the same thing in my early it is, I have 2 daughters (8 and 5, respectively) and neither of them know that there is a reproductive process at all....we (my wife and I) have a timetable of when and what we believe is far as romantic feelings, they both have "crushes" and giggle over Zach Ephron and Corbin Bleu, but that is the scientific info will stay that way for the time being.......that is my major point----it is my choice as a parent, and it is totally irresponsible for someone else to unveil such things to my children.....Jo Rowling is a very, very high profile person----she obviously knows the power of her words, and that is the source of my consternation over the whole thing.

Morfin Gaunt 25-10-2007 13:46

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"
in society today, we are meant to view gay the same as straight,

whats the problem?

hopefully a seris so popular will help open the younger generations eyes to homosexuality and save a few bullying remarks, so the homosexuals of the future will face a great deal less than our older generation.

Mr_Bandman 25-10-2007 15:57

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"

Originally Posted by Morfin Gaunt (Post 34018)
in society today, we are meant to view gay the same as straight,

whats the problem?

hopefully a seris so popular will help open the younger generations eyes to homosexuality and save a few bullying remarks, so the homosexuals of the future will face a great deal less than our older generation.

Huh? Are you reading the same posts I am? Where's the homophobia? I don't see it, and I certainly haven't posted any bigoted opinions! The issue IS NOT gay vs. straight! That is a very simple-minded take on this. The issue---at least my issue----is that discussing sexuality of any flavor with young children is only appropriate if the parents of those children decide it is. Ms. Rowling decided that I don't have an iron in this particular fire and decided to open one subject under that heading for my child, along with hundreds of thousand of others, without my permission. I promise you----and you will have to believe me, because we don't know each other at all----that I would be just as upset if she had referred to an illicit affair between DD and Petunia Dursley. Sexuality at that level is just not appropriate for my children, though I had deemed the HP series as so for them.

I am a liberal. Extremely so. I don't spout prejudice and intolerance. Please don't pop in here and leave some ridiculously irrelevant pseudo-liberal pomposity as if looking down from your ivory tower on the rest of us rednecks! Read the opinions expressed here, then comment----don't make assumptions that everyone must be spewing hateful remarks. That, my friend, is the problem!

Morfin Gaunt 26-10-2007 04:43

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"
Excuse me!!!!!

And i'll thank you, to, also read others posts more carefully.

NO where im my comment did i mention you! or any other comments on this site, i mentioned my view on the topic, of seeing it as a way forward for gay society.

In my 'Whats the problem comment' where i can see this could be mis-read. Is why the revelalation is such a shock horror.

SO yes Mr Bandman, you raise your kids as you see just. As will every one. I did not say in my comment you are a bad parent...

The word gay is under no watershed as far as i am aware.

If you are angry with JK do not jump down my posts in such a dissmisive manner of my views.

Neither can i add, did i call any one on here homophobic, i simply stated that a series so popular may result in greater understanding to this generation

serophis 26-10-2007 11:17

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"
I have to say this is the first time JKR has disappointed me. Why? Not because of my religious beliefs (although I am a Christian republican, I don't feel that homosexuality makes someone a bad/evil person, and some of my best friends are gay. Others might be gay, but as I am a married man, I don't see the point in even knowing the sexuality of most of my friends, as I see them as neither potential mates, nor competition in finding said mate).

My problem is that JKR has forced Dumbledore to be something none of us really expected. It's not the gay thing; it's that in a world where she's left so many things open so that we can make them our own (so we can each feel like Harry, Hermione and Ron in a way), she has locked one character into a certain point when it was unneccessary. We don't know the sexuality of Lee Jordan, for example, and I don't therefore feel left out. Fred and George flirted with girls at the wedding so we can assume, but even that was for comic relief, not to force our perceptions of a certain person.

It would have been just as strange for JKR to mention some kind of strange quirk that Dumbledore had that would cause many people to no longer fully identify with him. For example, saying that he only wore dark underwear to avoid skidmarks...or that he never sat with a window to his back because he was afraid of snipers (sorry, I have friends like this so these are the first that come to mind). Although some would just shrug at these things, it does seem unnecessary to add something like this after the fact that causes such a disconnect with many readers in the story.

Sirius Potter Fan 29-10-2007 14:47

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"
Today I was in a waiting room at a doctor's office . . . a children's doctor . . . my son picked up a copy of a magazine on a side table, there was a photo of DD and the caption, "yes he is gay" and laughed about it. This is the sort of thing that I am upset about. My son (13) is aware of sexuality, and has been taught by us as he was mature enough to understand the different aspects of it. Thankfully, my daughters ages 7 and 10 were not with us at the time. Both are big HP fans, and although my 10 year old has some "sex ed" my 7 year old is too young to be introduced to this concept, but had she been there and been atracted to the photo on the cover of the magazine, she would have had questions. This is what is making us angry. I could care less if DD, snape, and Flitwick were having gay orgies in Hagrid's cabin . . . it is not relevant to the story line. Children as well as adults could undersatnd DD being blinded to his "friends" true motives without DD having to be sexualy involved. Many of us have had friends (of either gender) who we thought was someone different than they really were at first, and didn't want to see the truth and loose a good friend. THIS WAS JUST TOTALY UNNECESSARY! That is the point! It was very irresponsible of JKR to pull such a stunt.

Mr_Bandman 29-10-2007 16:02

Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"
Second that, Tulsa! My concerns are entirely parental. The more I think about it, the more completely bewildered I am that she could be so irresponsible!

It isn't going to go away, either. At some point both you and I WILL have to explain this to our daughters---mine are 5 and 8---and it's going to happen exactly how it happened with your son----sitting in the waiting room for a dentist or doctor, DD's picture on a magazine will catch their eye, and we'll be having a nice little that was forced on us earlier than we wanted to have it, than was our parental prerogative to have it.

I am really tired of people asking "what's the big deal?" It is a huge deal.

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