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frodobaggins 19-10-2007 22:36

dumbledore is gay
just read it on yahoo. he was in love with grindewald
thats kinda of an image killer for me im not gonna lie.

Mr_Bandman 20-10-2007 03:00

Re: dumbledore is gay
To me it does not add to or detract from the character in any does however make me ask the question "Why?".......She made some vague point about it giving the Religious Right another reason to hate the books (some fundamentalist Christian groups have denounced the series for "promoting witchcraft") would appear that She derives a bit of pleasure out of prodding those who would presume to criticize....I don't know......seems a little sophomoric to me....

Really, I hadn't spent any time thinking about the sexuality of any of the adult characters----I didn't see it as in any way relevant to the story. Now that I think about it, the only Hogwarts teachers who we know anything about in that area are Snape and Hagrid. This revelation, to me, will eventually lead to a soiling of the whole thing. Not AT ALL because of any anti-gay sentiment, but rather that it causes speculation that is not appropriate for the genre. What are the sexual predilections of McGonnigal, Flitwick, Sprout, Slughorn, Pomphrey, Hooch, Filch, Lockhart, not to mention those outside Hogwarts---Fudge, Shaklebolt, Black, even Voldemort. It seems everyone who teaches at Hogwarts is a single adult----are they all simply unlucky in love, or is Hogwarts a haven for homosexuals?

I am a teacher, and though I don't spend a single second wondering about the respective orientations of my colleagues, I do know that many of them are married or involved with someone, and a majority have lives outside the school. That does not seem to be the case with the Hogwarts faculty and staff.

So now its out there, and I think it causes more harm than good. It opens a door that not only was not open but many, I think, didn't even realize was there----it will inevitably become an open question about every character in the books. I just don't see that as necessary at all. What's next---do we question and whisper about the sexuality of Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf, of Aslan, Willy Wonka, and the Cowardly Lion? What about Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox, the Cat in the Hat, Dr. Doolittle, Barney the Dinosaur, and all 7 Dwarves? How about Bugs Bunny? Where does it end?

I don't see the point in this at all. The Reverend Jerry Falwell once ignited a huge firestorm of controversy over the sexuality of Tinky Winky the Teletubby. Not one single person who heard about that was without an opinion---they were either outraged, exultant, or they simply rolled their eyes in disgust and disappointment at what seemed to be a ridiculous and entirely unnecessary speculative argument over an otherwise entirely innocuous fictional children's character that could not possibly exist. What on earth was the point of all that? Must our children's fictional and literary characters have perfectly well-defined sexual orientations, or is it okay that Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo lived alone? Can Bert and Ernie continue to share a flat without any eyebrow raising?

I am disappointed----NOT BECAUSE DUMBLEDORE IS GAY----I really don’t care at all about that----I am disappointed that he is anything at all in that area. She has tried to make Her characters as real as possible, but face it---they’re wizards, for crying out loud. They are all pretend. There’s nothing real about them. Why must this discussion take place?

Piper 20-10-2007 18:33

Re: dumbledore is gay
If she wanted a gay Dumbledore to promote openmindedness, she should have said it in the series, easily she could have fit that in, it would have better explained how Dumbledore so completely lost his reasoning concerning Gridewald. Doing it in an interview after the fact is a cop out I think.

Vestral 22-10-2007 21:19

Re: dumbledore is gay
For the first time, I am terribly disappointed in Jo Rowling. It doesn't change the series for me... I finished reading the books long before this revelation.
It also doesn't matter to me whether ANY of the characters are gay or prefered sex with house elves... it wasn't part of the story and was unnecessary.
Those of us male adult Christians have had a hard enough time defending these books to those who thought it was for children and "seemed" a bit perverted for an adult male to want to read them, or to those who shunned the books because of witchcraft. I proudly support Jo and was a champion for her books... I still am, but this just set us back quite a bit.

Sirius Potter Fan 23-10-2007 18:50

Re: dumbledore is gay
I have to agree with you vestral . . . I have defended Rowling and the books to other christian friends, proudly explaining story and plot lines and how they parallel scripture (and even use scripture in the last book) I point out that "satanism" is never a part of any part of the book, and Harry the Hero of the story is definately on the good side. Now, well . . .

halliemei 24-10-2007 09:30

Re: dumbledore is gay
Well, to lighten the mood, I guess Sir Ian McKellan really SHOULD be playing Dumbledore. :D

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