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Angelis 08-03-2006 13:58

Slytherin's Locket
I dont know if there has been another post about this but i think it's worth a discussion.
As we have found out in the half blood prince voldemort used the locket as a horcrux, but what i have recently found is that it appears in the order of the phoenix, i think we have all figured out who r.a.b. is & if you re read ootp chapter when there at grimmauld place it says

"they found an unpleasant-looking silver instrument,something like a many-legged pair of tweezers whiched scuttled up [harrys arm like a spiderwhen he picked it up,and attempted to puncture his skin. sirius seized it& smashed it with a heavy book entitled natures nobility:a wizarding genealogy, there was a music box that emitted a faintly sinister,tinkling tune when wound ,and they all found themselves becoming curiously weak and sleepyuntil ginny had the sense to slam the lid shut,[COLOR="black"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][U]a heavy locket that none of them could open[/

So could this be the locket & why hasn't harry remembered when he saw it in the pennisievemwill he go back to grimmauld place & did r.a.b distroy it ,looks like he didn't because they couldn't open it
i would to love to know if anyone else thought about this


Vold. E. Mort 09-03-2006 06:01

Re: Slytherin's Locket
It's also worth noting that after they threw the locket away, they later found it in Kreacher's "nest", after he'd recovered it. It's almost as if he knows the value of the locket and is protecting it... hmmmmmmmmmm..... ;)

Angelis 09-03-2006 13:15

Re: Slytherin's Locket
yea i thought of that and then realised that mundungus was selling stuff thrown out from grimmauld place ,so where could the locket be ?

Seeker615 09-03-2006 13:46

Re: Slytherin's Locket
Did they see the locket in Kreachers nest?
I couldn't remember if they did or not. I know there was a lot of broken pictures there.

If Kreacher does have it did he give it to Bella?

Fortescue 09-03-2006 13:57

Re: Slytherin's Locket
I think Kreacher was collecting thing from the family members he liked - the picture of Bellatrix, Mr. Blacks pants, etc. Maybe he thought the locket belonged to Regulus because he was the one who brought it into the house. It seemed the only Black he didn't like was Sirius. Therefore, it would make sense that the elf would keep the locket as a rememberance of Regulus. It would be a good way for JKR to sidetrack everyone - make us think that Mundungus stole the locket with all the other things he stole from Grimmauld Place, only to find out it's in the elfs bed.

SnarkologyMajor 11-03-2006 02:05

Re: Slytherin's Locket
That makes alot of sense-and since Kreacher was very reminiscent of Gollum, it would sure fit if he's the one w/the horcrux. If he is-do you think he's aware that it's a horcrux? Can't decide on that one. I still think it's also a possibility that Aberforth has it-he tightened his cloak around his neck and hurried away in Silver and Opals (what was he doing w/Mundungus?) -can't quite forget JKR's quote about Dumbledore's family, yet can't put my finger on how Aberforth fits in:confused: If he's a profitable line of inquiry-Where on earth do we inquire?lol

Blanche A. McFusty 11-03-2006 23:39

Re: Slytherin's Locket
Holy Cows. If Aberforth has the locket I'll be angry. Kreacher has it. He's hoarding it. He doesn't know what it is, but he knows it's important. He is still serving his mistress, Mrs. Black. She knew it was important, so he does, too. The locket is still lurking in Grimmauld Place. Harry's got to coerce it from Kreacher.

Alz 12-03-2006 13:55

Re: Slytherin's Locket
Can anyone find a quote to show that Kreacher has it in his nest?
I am of the same view as SM - Dung got it during his raid and sold it - and maybe Aberfort now has it ...
I still liked the necklace in B&B's personally - yet as I have been told it was a necklace and not a locket - yet seemed to have a lot more of the characteristics and is also in the possesion of one Severus Snape!

Blanche A. McFusty 12-03-2006 16:34

Re: Slytherin's Locket
It doesn't say that Kreacher has the locket. It says that there are glinting objects and coins in a corner. It is interesting that Kreacher seems to have the same trait of collecting objects that Tom Riddle had. This similar behavior has led me to believe that he would has snatched the locket. I don't think Rowling would have written that glinting objects were in the cupboard unless it was significant. I can't think of anything else in the house that would have glinted like that.

kashlie 13-03-2006 00:36

Re: Slytherin's Locket
i like the idea that Mundungus stole and sold it. If Harry figures out that the locket from Grimmauld place is the Horcrux, his adventure to find it begins. We have been told he may not go back to Hogwarts, and hunting for the Horcruxes is one of the things he will need to do.

of course, putting under HIS nose, in grimmauld place, where he may not want to go for sometime considering the history would bring everything full circle

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