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paintball 30-07-2007 07:29

Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
I have just posted an open letter to JKR here

Please encorage JKR to help get the children to forget about Harry Potter and get on with their lives.



Vold. E. Mort 30-07-2007 09:32

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
You spent probably 5 hours writing that letter, yet you are complaining about the time people (free people, that are free to make their own choices) spend on forums? Give me a break. Live and let live, and get off your high horse.. Given a choice between a kid reading NOTHING and reading Harry Potter, I'll go with Harry Potter.

Seeker615 30-07-2007 10:14

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
I don't think there is any harm in reading and chatting about Potter. Countless kids have grown up on these books and learned the importance of trust, friendship and making the wise choice. How can that be a bad thing?

I am thrilled that my kids have read Potter and they are all happily well adjusted kids who have lives outside of the Potter-world.

honestly I would rather see kids obsess over Potter than some of the darker things that are out there!

Sir Cadogan 30-07-2007 10:43

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
Paintball, you should think about your own obsession with Harry Potter, in my opinion. No offence intended.

Sirius Potter Fan 30-07-2007 11:09

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
Paintball, You know, I really wish the best for you, and I am sorry that you have felt let down by the HP series. Many of us have most likely felt a little let down when a certain part of the book didn't turn out exactly as we had forseen it, but that has not taken away the love we have had for the rest of the book, and after all, it is JKR's story to tell, not ours.

Have children become overly obsessed with HP . . . well yes, but children have also become obsessed with other things, video games, (far more damaging I think than HP books), popularity, telivision, drugs, and any number of other things that could go on and on. True obsession can be a bad thing, but I don't believe that the majority of "children" posting on various sites are Truly obsessed. I myself on this site rank 3rd in total posts, surpasses only by one, who is the owner and another who has been on the board several months previous to me, yet I most certainly would not consider myself "obsessed"

Harry Potter is a craze that will pass in time. In a few months, things will slow down dramaticaly. Things will again pick up when the next film nears, and then again for the "Encyclopedia" of Harry, and then finally with the release of Deathly Hallows the film. After that, or most likely much earlier than that, other things will come to give those searching for distraction something to focus their energies on. And isn't that what fiction is for? Distraction - a chance to go somewhere exciting without leaving the den, a chance to meet new and exciting characters who are a blend of the authors ideas and your own imagination. Even on this site, I have felt the pull of HP rise and fall, from excited frenzy, to several days without a single post, not just from me, but none from any member on the board.

No one needs to tell HP fans that it's over, get a life and find something else. That will happen to each of us in it's own time. Will we forget Potter altogether? I hope not, and I think not . . . I still remember very well the first chapter book I ever read, I still remember quite fondly first watching my favorite movie (Mary Poppins if you care to know) and just as re-reading HP from time to time, I love to watch that movie again from time to time. The world will move on (SK fans will identify!) but, it doesn't have to end.

Arwan 30-07-2007 11:14

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
Oh my!! You may want to take a second look at who is obsessed with Harry Potter, or perhaps the extreme disappointment you are obviously experiencing after reading the last book.
I personally have 4 children all boys, and believe me if they were not chatting about Harry Potter on chat lines they would be chatting about everything and anything else on chat lines that is just what kids today do. The three older boys chat on at least 3 different sites, yet all three have many real friends outside of the internet.
As for being obsessed only with Harry Potter books this too will pass when the next great series by who ever, becomes the new fad. We have gone through every obsession from wrestling to star wars, from Hardy boys to Digimon all of them have lived and breathed these thing in obsess and their stability is fine.
If anyone still picks up a book and enjoys it enough to read it again I think the authur has done their job, and if it allows a child to talk about and disscuss it then they have truely read well and have taken more away from it the just a good read it has allowed them to use their imagination and experience what they believe Harry's world is all about. In short they are learning!
These books are and will always be a classic and timeless just like Tolkien's, Lord of the Rings first published in 1954, and are still enjoyed today.

As for kids not wanting to read school books, think about it did you want to read school books? and would you not put that book down to read something that your own personnel preferrance preferred! (ie: music, sports, comics, drama, romance, mystery)

cagedcactus 30-07-2007 11:41

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
some people just cant straighten their priorities....
It is always good to see children getting into something innocent, and time worthy. JKR has provided that medium for them. I am glad that she is ending the series, so another can start, and so it can be cherished in future, just as other legends have been, like LOTR and others....
I think SPF and Arwen made good points. Those who have children, would rather see them chat on and on about something like Harry Potter, than that bloody mess flying all over on video games.....

Piper 30-07-2007 13:52

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
Well it's not children that I see on these forums as much as adults lol, and me calling on her to tell adults to get on with their lives would go something like this, "hello Pot? This is kettle, you are black" lol

Sirius Potter Fan 30-07-2007 14:16

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
:DROLF! :DGood one Piper!!!! No better way to put it!:p . . . just call me charcoal!;)

Piper 30-07-2007 14:58

Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help
I do think it was wrong of her to go on and on about this being THE END, and now we get, "Well there will be an encyclopedia later to explain more stuff, and all" she has kind of kept everyone hanging on, and I didn't like her making that crack about how some fans are just obsessed and want to know every last detail. Because what mostly we want to know is what she didn't answer that she said she would answer. Or why she answered one way and then went totally another way.

I think the obsession will pass though.

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