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Haley's Comet 15-04-2005 18:49

Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
The first time I ever saw a dementor, it reminded me of the ghosts I'd conjure up inside my head growing up in our big old house. My bedroom was situated right at the top of the stairs on the landing. The landing was always kind of dark and it had creepy dark little corners. I can remember running up the stairs and sprinting
into my bedroom before "they" could get me! I suppose I was guilty of an overactive imagination or something.

kausarqadir 16-04-2005 10:55

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
thanx God, i never saw one.... or it would have been a really hard time for me...
i have a very conscious kind of mind and i nearly always remember whatever wrong i have done, whether its speaking hard to anyone or scolding one of the kids in my class.... this i think could be the worst possible punishment for a person. so better not have it.

Tinkerbell 16-04-2005 12:26

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
I seem to remember JKR saying that is how she imagined the Dementors to be when she 'created' them - like the monsters under your bed! I think the creations for the movie were great, really captured the eerie, sinister, lifeless nature of the creatures described in the books.

yarvelling 16-04-2005 13:59

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
Horrific creatures! Just what every kid loves... ;)
Being faceless is one of those things that just gets under my skin (there's a female black American artist that paints 'nice' family scenes of people with loads of detail etc, but none of the people have faces, just smooth, featureless fronts to the heads and I find that MOST disturbing!!), and the relentless, pittyless demeanour of them is unnerving. Add to that the idea that they can, will, and seemingly enjoy, sucking out your soul - your very essence, and leave you as little more than a walking corpse is just awful; a VERY frightening concept for a 'childrens' book - more suited to Clive Barker methinks!!
And brilliantly realised in the film...I loved the look, and the way that everything around them froze over...the flowers wilted and frosted, the water in a bottle froze, etc....and that sucking/rushing of air noise was chilling! The first time that they appeared on screen I must admit that I felt a shiver run up my spine, and a little thrill of horror, and I'm a 40+ year old seasoned veteran of hundreds of horror films; from the more 'gross' Romero and Lucio Fulci zombie films, through to the more chilling ghostly tales such as The Ring, and The Grudge!!

Fortescue 16-04-2005 14:27

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
Dementors remind me of the Grim Reaper - Angel of Death type thing - I imagine that's where JKR got the idea to begin with. Even though they don't particularly cause death, they scare you to death as the monster under the bed and thing in the closet does a small, scared child. The reaction to a Dementor could be looked upon as the same reaction a small child feels at that exact moment when the fear of what's in their closet climaxes within them - an all hope lost type feeling.

Alz 16-04-2005 15:24

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
JKR likened the Dementors to her depressions she was feeling at the time she was writing.
I think that of all things is the best way of describing them - they are just 'something' that causes the person in contact with them to be drained of all happiness and joy and instead are fed off the negative and destructive influences on the person - I guess anyone who has felt depression in any form could relate all too well.

Haley's Comet 16-04-2005 15:59

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
Did any of you wake up as a child from a terrible nightmare, to pull the sheets up quickly over your heads and shudder underneath? I also had visions of white bedsheets with skeletal beings under them, hovering in the air. I also used to have one of my dad's old records I used to play. It was called 'The Ghost Walks' and it had some very eerie and creepy sounds on it by a group called 'The Harmonicats'. I remember it very well. My dad had loads of old records and I used to play some of them at random. But I always played 'The Ghost Walks' because it always gave me the creeps. Seeing J.K.R's dementors bought a lot of that back to mind. Would I do it again? Probably. We had a great old house with long passageways and 12 ft stud high ceilings. It was pretty spooky in places.

"I'm Your Huckleberry."

Hermione 17-04-2005 06:30

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
yarvelling- What's the name of your artist? That sounds very interesting, I want to look at some of their art now. Do you think he/she was trying to make a point by making them faceless?

The dementors ARE creepy, but I don't think it's the sort of of fun, spooky, the boogie man is under my bed, sort of fright. Childhood ghost stories are fun, you know it's not true, so you can be scared. Since you know it's not real, you can experiance fear as a pleasurable experiance, not a negative one.

Dementors are real, they make their victims relive their worst moments. In their company, full grown men lose hope and wither away. They are like a nightmare, only this is continuious for years on end.

I don't think JKR meant them to be a cute, little breed of somewhat scary things. She meant them to be real, and very frightening. If you have ever experianced depression you know it's not just being a little down, it's full out, you are so sad you don't know if you will ever feel happy again, and you forget what it feels like to not feel so bad. It suffocates you, you can't breathe because it's so heavy, it snakes it's way around your neck to chock you and your wrists to bind you to it. It's an evil, difficult, horrible illness, not a childhood boogie man.

Athena 17-04-2005 07:38

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
That is an excellent description Merideth.

The Dementors evoke more than just the creeps. They cause exactly what you described above and as Blaise said... JKR was using her depression as a guide to creating the dementors.

I find it interesting that they didn't seem to effect Draco in quite the same fashion -- leaving a linguering effect as they did to the rest of them. Hmmm

Padma Patil 18-04-2005 05:30

Re: Dementors, enough to give you the creeps!
How do you know they didn't effect Draco in the same way? The books never really talks about Draco's real feelings except for the first one where he doesn't know who Harry is yet and he's telling him about the houses.

About the Dementors, I kinda pictured them different, more like the grim reeper. A black cloak with no face under the hood and skeletal like hands. However I do like how they did everthing else.

And I don't really get creeped out by things like that, just last night I watched The Village and I thought it was really dumb. A few intense parts but that was it.

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