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keeron_man_boy 13-07-2007 12:29

good one james!
just before sirius died in the movie.. harry chucked a curse to one of the death eaters.. and i positive that sirius said "good one james" or "nice one james"....

this stuck out to me quite a bit.. seeing that there is a lot of speculation going around or the whole harry looks like james thing...

well yeah just wanted to let everyone know :p

Sirius Potter Fan 13-07-2007 12:53

Re: good one james!
Yes, I cought that one as well. I think it was to take the place of the talk in the book about how Sirius was trying to make Harry into his Father. I think Sirius sometimes looses touch with reality . . . Azkaban can do that to you.

happy_hannah 13-07-2007 21:18

Re: good one james!
i noticed that too, it made me even sadder because i knew he was about to die. but they should have included harry being told his father wasnt always a bully!

keeron_man_boy 13-07-2007 22:16

Re: good one james!

Originally Posted by Sirius Potter Fan (Post 32793)
Azkaban can do that to you.

bellatrix definitely looked like someone that has spent time in azkaban :D

but yeah i agree with hannah bout harry being told his old man isnt a bully... :p

Hoggy Warty Hogwarts 15-07-2007 06:24

Re: good one james!
Absolutely agree with you HH, my friend said to me after seeing it ( as she hasnt read the books) no wonder Snape hates James, and i had to explain what really happened in the book :eek: and told her to start reading :D

happy_hannah 15-07-2007 15:59

Re: good one james!
also it was so quick i didnt even spot young lily or lupin or sirius!

Hoggy Warty Hogwarts 15-07-2007 19:16

Re: good one james!
Come to think of it i dont remember seeing that bit either, and seem as though i have only had the chance to see it once i cant remember everything that happens a bit like the movie it happens in flashes but all over the place..

Sirius Potter Fan 15-07-2007 19:26

Re: good one james!
yes, it went by so fast you could only guess at who was who in the group with James, they definately butchered that one.

Dr Winterbourne 15-07-2007 19:27

Re: good one james!
On the second viewing I spotted someone that could be Sirius, if you were looking for him. I can't remember about Lupin or Wormtail though - too fast.

Did spot Wormtail in the background of the OotP photo that sits on the mirror/foeglass in the RoR though.

Alz 15-07-2007 20:47

Re: good one james!
Sirius does say to Harry in OoTP film 'Nice one James' ...
I think this is a confused stab to make it akin to the books where Sirius is told Harry is not James ... notably by Molly.
I think it was shoved in late to confuse non-book reading film goer's who are prolly scratching their heads thinking 'did I just hear that?'

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