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Arwan 14-05-2007 10:29

new diary entry
On JKR website she has a new diary entry. She talks mainly about the Leaky cauldron website and how rumors and spoilers are starting to surface. I am starting to get nervious about surfing the web I don't want to know anything till July 21.

notposs 14-05-2007 10:43

Re: new diary entry
I can’t access the LC site at the minute because of problems with the site but I have read the diary entry by JK sounds like she thinks the spoilers on the LK site are true whatever they are.

I don’t know if I actually want to see the spoilers or not either. Part of me wants to because it’s like reading the book its self. But, the other part of me thinks that it will ruin the experience of actual finding these things out first hand by reading the book.

Sirius Potter Fan 14-05-2007 14:21

Re: new diary entry
I wouldn't want to read them, True or not. Even if true, it can ruin the suspense of the book. Or could cause confusion by knowing something is going to happen, and then missing other important things because you are looking for what you know is coming . . . Kind of why I never watch a movie before I read the book (of anything, not just HP) I'm sure there are leaks, i don't know how it would be possible to completely controll something like this. I haven't read her diary entry, but, I think that the LC should be held liable to an extent for allowing something like that on the site. Foreknowledge could damage sales of the books. (not that she would miss the money!)

horcruxfinder 14-05-2007 16:30

Re: new diary entry
The leaky site just put up a warning that they will not post any spoilers and asked that people be respectful and ruin other people's fun. JKR simply added to this and stated that she was pleased with Leaky's stance. Neither are an indicator to me that the spoilers have any truth to them. I am wondering how to handle the whole spoiler thing. When HBP came out one of my kid's best friend phoned and said, "Snape kills Dumbledore" before we even had a chance to open the book. So, it is not only the internet we need to think about but other people who may just read faster etc.

In addition, I think that fake book that is now on line has been identified on one of the websites as previously released fan fiction. Sorry, I don't remember which site.

Luna 15-05-2007 01:32

Re: new diary entry
I have to say thatís what worries me most, ie someone telling me what happens before Iíve had a chance to read it. With 4 young children, I know itís going to take me a few days, and Iíll be gutted if I hear anything in advance. Short of locking myself away, Iím not sure how to avoid it. Still, Iíll be in the queue at midnight to make the earliest possible start!!:D

notposs 15-05-2007 07:19

Re: new diary entry

Originally Posted by Sirius Potter Fan (Post 31958)
I haven't read her diary entry, but, I think that the LC should be held liable to an extent for allowing something like that on the site. Foreknowledge could damage sales of the books. (not that she would miss the money!)

She also spoke about this in the diary entry she says that:


Originally Posted by JK Rowling
Some, perhaps, will read this and take the view that all publicity is good publicity, that spoilers are part of hype, and that I am trying to protect sales rather than my readership. However, spoilers won't stop people buying the book, they never have - all it will do is diminish their pleasure in the book.

I dont know about you guys but I dont think she would try to stop people seeing the sopilers simply for sails. She's going to make plenty of money anyway.

Sirius Potter Fan 16-05-2007 05:15

Re: new diary entry
I have just read an article this morning stating that TLC has said they will refuse to publish any spoilers on their sight. And that the ones mentioned are unconfirmed reports by some saying that they have access, but that even that isn't proven. This especialy being the last in the series . . . the big ending we have all been waiting for years to play out . . . makes it tempting for insensitive louts to try to steal their 15 minutes of fame with a lie. I personaly will steer clear of any spoilers, I want my journey through the final adventure to be the thrill ride it is meant to be!

happy_hannah 16-05-2007 05:42

Re: new diary entry
The end of the entry was quite funny, the giant squid being Godric Gryffindor as the biggest animagus, she is such a laugh. What was that about coming at the eleventh hour though? Eleventh hour sounds very important.

Sirius Potter Fan 16-05-2007 06:15

Re: new diary entry
well, I'm thinking that that was meant as a joke . . . but it would be funny wouldn't it, certainly unexpected . . . well . . . untill now. The eleventh hour refers to inmates who are sentanced to death getting a reprieve just before being executed. Most are executed at straight up midnight, so the eleventh hour just refers to said reprieve coming just in the nick of time.

happy_hannah 16-05-2007 06:36

Re: new diary entry
i think you've said it SPF, though maybe not as the giant squid, but he did come to harry's aid in COS, with fawkes and the sorting hat, perhaps something to do with the u.s cover for deathly hallows?

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