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Re: Dumbledore's trust in Snape

Originally Posted by halliemei
would agree with it, but I really like the theory that VM was limiting HIS kills because of the horcrux thing --thus the reason he asked Lily to "step aside".
I dont' think the horcrux thing works every single time that you commit murder. Wouldn't you have to do complex spells and everything in order to create a horcrux of your soul? Because otherwise, all the death eaters would have bunches of horcruxes of their souls, too.

I'm not really sure about the Lily thing. I think there's something more to it than that. In my theory, i think Snape helped Dumbledore out in a really tight spot once--might have saved his life, even. For example, Dumbledore might have been a death eater, or have had experience when he was in a fatal situation against Voldemort before, and Snape came rushing in, saving his life & "turning" his back on Snape.

this is still an undeveloped theory, so i'm just blabbering.
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"Pathetic," he told George. "Pathetic! With the whole wide world of ear-related humor before you, you go for holey!"

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