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Question The Locket


After Harry arrives at 12 Grimmauld Place and settles down, the whole family help clean removing various magical pests. In a brief setence, someone is cleaning out the desk that contained the boggart. There was a large locket that would not open. I think this is the locket Horcrux Harry and Dumbledore went to retrieve on that fateful night. This would explain R.A.B. because Sirius' brother was Regulus A. Black. We also know Reg. was a Death Eater and was killed only days after his renouncement of Voldemort. "He tried to back out because he was scared of what they were asking him to do. It's not like you can just hand in your resignation to Lord Voldemort. It's a life time of service or death." Sirius was telling Harry at the tapestry.

I hope this is the answer but if it is, Harry's going to have to dredge through a landfill to defeat LV. That also brings up an interesting question of what do wizards do with their trash?
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