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Re: The Locket

Now that we have see the disaster movie called "Order of the Pot-holes" oops.... errr..."Order of the Phoenix" we can say that Locket is a huge debate.......

The movie didnt even mention or show the locket.....

This is a huge miss in my opinion. I will come back and post more on this after reading the book. But I bet on one thing:

I think JKR told the movie people to not show the locket. She knows very well that Potter crazy people like us already know that the locket surfaced in book 5. But maybe she is trying to hide it now from general crowd, so she doesnt spoil the book 7 for them.

Go on IMDB and read the reviews on this movie..... the WB haters count is increasing day by day.

Fire WB.......
Fire Yates.......
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