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Re: The Locket

Amazing how the book tied all of our ideas up together in the end. They butcher the movies but I do not care because I will still see them.

Back to the books, I had an idea when re-reading DH.

In it after the Ministry, Harry buries Mad Eye's eye under the most resilient tree he could find and it was in the woods at the Cup match.

In my Potter world, Harry would continue the study of wandlore.
Since he has understood very deep magical laws personally he would understand that only by rectifying what he does not know or care about that would be the exact thing he must devote his time.

His worst subject in school was History of Magic. He would need to study everything he could. He would then realize through past personal experience about the rift between Goblin/Wizard relations and teach them wandlore as a gift to the whole Goblin community to defuse any build up of oppresive feeling the goblins would have after the fall of VM.

The tree the eye is buried would hold powers of illusions because the eye is absorbed by the tree. Harry would make a new wand of even greater power than the Elder Wand ever had.

Just a thought ...
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