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Re: New Wizard of the Month - A Clue

Originally Posted by horcruxfinder View Post
We also know her house common rooms are located down by the kitchen - thus her reputation with food is continued.
I forgot about the Hufflepuff's common room being near the kitchen. But still, if she was the Charms teacher, I wonder if she might have done something to her cup. I think the clue is more in the fact that she was good at Charms. It reminds me of what has been said about Lily. She too was good at Charms.

Also, as to the posting, I find it odd that the date of her life is not listed. It only says, midevil, precise dates unknown. She was a celebrated head of Hogwarts. I would think that if there wasn't something fishy in the fact that there is no known date of her existence, maybe that is a clue. The birthdate of someone famous would surely be noted somewhere. Maybe the clue is the fact that she died mysteriously or just disappeared and no one actually knows when she died. She was good with Charms, maybe there is a clue in that fact. Maybe there is a charm she used and is in fact not dead. Think of Nicholas Flamel. Think of Voldemort's quest for immortality. I know it's stretching the theory, but maybe that was why he was so interested in her cup. Not because it belonged to a founder of Hogwarts, but because it had other properties he needed. Properties placed upon the cup by Helga herself. Wouldn't it be a kick if Professor Sprout was Helga Hufflepuff, or maybe Professor McGonagall.
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