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Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help

Originally Posted by paintball View Post
I picked up my morning paper this morning and read where JKR for some absurd reason felt it necessary at her New York City book tour to announce that Dumbledore is gay. How absurd. If she thinks this is going to get people like me who have quit discussing the books on the forums to come back and do so then she's crazier then I was when I was on the forums doing just that. By the way, I'm pleased to see that most of us have quit wasting our time discussing Harry Potter and gone on to more important things. If anyone happens to get their hands on a copy of the original unedited manuscript of Deathly Hallows, I would still like a copy when it becomes available.
I, too, am at a loss in my attempt to discern her motives. And I agree----it is absurd----extremely so----I think she made herself look like a complete idiot.

However......SPF has a did come back.....and I have a feeling you're going to see this, so you will have come back again.....
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