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Re: Dumbledore is Evil

I have read this thread, and thought about it for along time and I cannot believe that Dumbledore is evil. He has spent his life trying to rid the magical world of evil, i.e.: 1st dark lord Grindlelweld in 1945 and now Voldemort. He has tried to bring all magic people together. Even Voldemort refers to him as the champion of commoners, of mudblood and muggles. 95% of all wizards, witches and creatures admire and respect him, the other 5% being Voldemort and his Deatheater’s are afraid of him. You can’t conjure all that respect by being shady. He trusts, although sometimes guarded. He expresses a great deal of love and caring and someone evil could not be this way. Yes he has told lies to protect those he cares about. He has withheld information perhaps for his own means. He is a great man whom others expect great things from and sometimes hard choices have to be made by him.

Now having said that:

I do believe he has manipulated the whole story. I think once he heard the prophecy and Voldemort decided to target the Potters he set in motion the whole story. I think a number of key players knew of his plan, such as James, Lily, even perhaps some of Order. His plan being to protect Harry at all cost, guide him, and fulfill the prophecy, knowing this was the only way to bring down Voldemort. I think Dumbledore suspected Voldemort had taken steps toward immortality, i.e.: Horcrux, and promised James and Lily that he would do everything in his powers to protect Harry.

Let me explain what I think happened:

I believe James gave Dumbledore the invisibility cloak to allow him to hide from Voldemort at the Potters, because he cannot use his wand while he is invisible. James did try to stop Voldemort, as Voldemort would have expected, and Lily willingly gave her life knowing this would save Harry and protect him from Voldemort , because if Voldemort had survived Harry would be in constant danger of continual attacks. I don’t think the curse backfired I think Dumbledore preformed a spell at the same time Voldemort attacked Harry which caused the backfire and the Destruction of the house, but Harry remained unhurt except for his scar. You may ask why didn’t Dumbledore just didn't kill Voldemort then, I think it was because he suspected the Horcrux and truly believed the prophecy and he needed to make it come to pass. He had Harry brought to the Dursley’s by Hagrid instead of allowing Sirius to take him who was also his family, to invoke the old magic of Harry’s blood line and allow him to be protected from Voldemort until Harry could come to the school and learn what he needed to know. I have no thoughts as of yet of what might have happened during the 24hr time between the attack and Harry’s arrival at the Dursley to explain things like how Wormtail got Voldemorts wand but James and Lily’s are missing although I am not sure if Lily even had her wand with her since she did not try and use it against Voldemort to tryand stop him, what happened to their bodies, what did Hagrid do with the bike, when Sirius said he no longer needs it. Eleven years later Dumbledore’s plan continues. He goes to great measure to ensure Harry’s arrival at school where he continues to watch him, quietly assisting him, when he gives him the invisibility cloak hoping he would be like James and explore, perhaps to find the Mirror of Erised that would show Harry hearts desire of a loving family and what he would do for love. Dumbledore continually gives Harry clues and guidance. Dumbledore has made a few mistakes during this journey, i.e.: Quirrell, fake Moody. But every great plan has its pot holes. Harry is doing exactly what Dumbledore planned this explaining, the glints we often see in his eye, or the slight smile he has when Harry tells him things about what happened when he was near Voldemort. I don’t believe Dumbledore means for Harry to always be in danger and Dumbledore regrets many times what he has done and is still to do in order to make the prophecy come true and allow Harry to have a normal life and peace at last when Voldemort is finally defeated. I think Snape has known for sometime the plan, and he was the only one that Dumbledore could use to fool Voldemort, Snape killing Dumbledore was to secure Voldemorts trust in him, thus allowing Snape to spy from the inside and continue to help Harry.

In Short -The Main goal of the OOTP is to bring down Voldemort
-The Prophecy said the one Voldemort marked would be the one to defeat him
-Dumbledore, James and Lily all agreed sacrifices needed to be made to Save Harry and destroy Voldemort
-Harry himself said even if he didn’t know the prophecy that he to would want Voldemort dead

Dumbledore - Evil - No

- A great Wizard with a great deal of responsibility faced with a terrible decision and a difficult plan - Yes

I think in the end Harry will forgive Dumbledore for allowing his parents to sacrifice themselves , because he will know that they chose to die to save him. For he too, has a great deal of love for mankind. And you may think that this is very selfish of Dumbledore and it was all done for his own gain, but I think that is far from the truth. After all he sacrificed himself as well.

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