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Re: Ideas for the future... a request?

Everyone, thanks for your ideas so far!!!
I encourage you to keep them coming thick and fast. I'm liking what I hear; I have the beginnings of a concrete plot in my mind, but I want everyone to remember that my fanfic will contain BOTH Harry's last year at Hogwarts and his subsequent career.
I will not be so vain as to put a due date on top of my college work and my engagement (which took place this summer), but I'm hoping to have a couple of chapters (if not more) up by December. With a little luck, I'll start writing in about a month, after you've all had time to give me some more ideas, and to start thinking about it some more myself. I'll keep this site updated on the progress (as it is the source of all my plot info ... which you contribute), by posting chapters up in the fanfic section ..... for something to keep you busy in the meantime, see my fanfic entitled "Exploring".
So keep an eye out ... I've also registered on phoenixsong, a Harry fanfic website, where I'll be posting some short stories soon, under my penname, "Daedalus".
So, once again, thanks for all your ideas, and interest taken.
Love from,

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