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Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help

Paintball, You know, I really wish the best for you, and I am sorry that you have felt let down by the HP series. Many of us have most likely felt a little let down when a certain part of the book didn't turn out exactly as we had forseen it, but that has not taken away the love we have had for the rest of the book, and after all, it is JKR's story to tell, not ours.

Have children become overly obsessed with HP . . . well yes, but children have also become obsessed with other things, video games, (far more damaging I think than HP books), popularity, telivision, drugs, and any number of other things that could go on and on. True obsession can be a bad thing, but I don't believe that the majority of "children" posting on various sites are Truly obsessed. I myself on this site rank 3rd in total posts, surpasses only by one, who is the owner and another who has been on the board several months previous to me, yet I most certainly would not consider myself "obsessed"

Harry Potter is a craze that will pass in time. In a few months, things will slow down dramaticaly. Things will again pick up when the next film nears, and then again for the "Encyclopedia" of Harry, and then finally with the release of Deathly Hallows the film. After that, or most likely much earlier than that, other things will come to give those searching for distraction something to focus their energies on. And isn't that what fiction is for? Distraction - a chance to go somewhere exciting without leaving the den, a chance to meet new and exciting characters who are a blend of the authors ideas and your own imagination. Even on this site, I have felt the pull of HP rise and fall, from excited frenzy, to several days without a single post, not just from me, but none from any member on the board.

No one needs to tell HP fans that it's over, get a life and find something else. That will happen to each of us in it's own time. Will we forget Potter altogether? I hope not, and I think not . . . I still remember very well the first chapter book I ever read, I still remember quite fondly first watching my favorite movie (Mary Poppins if you care to know) and just as re-reading HP from time to time, I love to watch that movie again from time to time. The world will move on (SK fans will identify!) but, it doesn't have to end.
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