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Re: PS/SS - Chapter 4 - The Keeper of the Keys

The Keeper of the Keys - Chapter 4

Philosopher's Stone/ Sorcerer's Stone

Chapter Four - the Keeper of the Keys


Harry Won’t Know Himself

There are a few possible clues for speculation in this chapter. Toward the end of the chapter, Hagrid tells the Dursleys, “Seven years there [at Hogwarts’] and he [Harry] won’t know himself.” This just seems a strange thing to say. Perhaps it’s a figure of speech, as if to say that Harry would develop just like all of his classmates in an atmosphere where he can use and grow his talents. Perhaps, not.

This could be taken in a number of ways. First, it could mean that Harry could change so dramatically and become such an excellent wizard that he would forget the weakling boy he was while he lived at the Dursleys. Perhaps, the time at Hogwarts would make him powerful and would make him a confident young man.

On another level, it could be a hint that Harry could lose himself completely – join with Voldemort against Dumbledore, and join up to the dark side. Thus far, with the experiences that Harry has had over the past five years, he has changed significantly. One can’t help changing after facing the most evil wizard known, seeing dead parents in a mysterious mirror, becoming instantly famous, learning about unknown family, facing a Hungarian Horntail, merpeople, a giant spider, a Basilisk, and a Sphinx, seeing Voldemort rise, and seeing the death of that unknown family member. I think that Harry has already come to a point where his eleven year old self would not know him now, after five years!

The Temptation of Harry Potter – Clues from His Parents

As with the reflective thread, I indicate the importance of this paragraph in the chapter:

“Now, yer mum and dad were as good a witch and wizard as I ever knew. Head boy an’ girl at Hogwarts in their day! Supposed the myst’ry is why You-Know-Who never tried to get em on his side before…probably knew they were too close ter Dumbledore ter want anythin’ to do with the Dark Side. Maybe he tought he could persuade ‘em…maybe he just wanted ‘em out of the way.”

Looking at this from a speculative point of view there is quite a bit to pick out of this. First, is the mention of the “myst’ry” of why Voldemort did not pursue James and Lily Potter to the dark side. This indicates to me that James and Lily would have been worthy allies for Voldemort, and would have been harsh enemies. It also makes me think that now that Voldemort is back in power, he will make up for what he missed out on with Harry’s parents and make the moves on Harry to bring him over. This could be some serious (not Sirius) foreshadowing of things to come.

This also goes along with my speculation of the parallels between Tom Riddle and Harry Potter, and the growing divergence between Harry and his father, James.

This paragraph also indicates a closeness between the Potters and Dumbledore that is not yet explained.

An Attempt to Take Hogwarts? “Not jus’ then, anyway…”

Another bit of foreshadowing comes in Hagrid’s statement, “Reckon Dumbledore’s the only one You Know Who was afraid of. Didn’t dare try takin’ the school, not jus’ then, anyway.”

This quote begs numerous questions. If Voldemort didn’t take the school, “not jus’ then anyway,” this suggests that there is or will be another time when he will take the school! Did Voldemort at some other time before the Potters’ death attempt to take the school? Will he at some future time attempt to take the school? Will Dumbledore be removed from the school or gone so that Voldemort could take over? Is this foreshadowing for the Chamber of Secrets when Voldemort tries to come back to the school via the diary and Tom Riddle?
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