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Re: Magic Late in Life

Originally Posted by Piper View Post
I read an opinion that has softened me a little on it all, a man was saying that books 1-6 were a labor of love for her, they were fun to write, but book 7 was the end, and that alone was enough to have made it pure work alone to write. And from her interviews after HBP, I could tell that she was needing a break, with a new baby, 2 years were not enough for her to really do this and do everything right either. She felt pushed and pressured. Everyone grumbled and groaned about it taking the 2 years. (I feel guilty for that).
Piper, I agree word to word.
But then you have to also account the amount of money she hauls in by writing these books. This sort of stress and rush and push come with the money.
Same thing goes for the chairmen, CEOs and Presidents and Prime ministers. The fame aint cheap.....
I would not think twice if I was offered the same stress, push, shove and rush with the amount of gold she got in her account. In fact I can take even more.... maybe even Crucio.......
So my suggestion. Dont feel guilty. You and me both have contributed to that amount of gold.
We have rights to complaint........ all we want.....
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