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Re: Ahead of his time?

yes, the book had been his mother's and I suppose he would have had access to it previously, but I don't think that it was "planned" that way by JKR, I think it was just a slip. The way it was written, with Snape having scribbled out different versions of spells till he got it just right, makes it seem as if he was doing the perfecting as he went. If he was figuring out those things before then you would think he would have written things down elsewhere. We know for certain that they were Snapes own spells because of what he said at the end of HBP when Harry tries to use one against him . . . "you would dare use my own spells against me!" The "tweaks" on the potions may have been hints from his mother, possibly Lily, or, of his own doing as he thought of them. (would have been interesting if he would have taught the potions the way he did them or the way the book would have instructed . . .) Anyway . . . I think, it just a glitch in JKR's timeline . . . amazing enough that she kept so much together as she did, to keep so many things in line for a 7 book series . . .
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