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Re: Open Letter To Jkr- Please Help

Oh my!! You may want to take a second look at who is obsessed with Harry Potter, or perhaps the extreme disappointment you are obviously experiencing after reading the last book.
I personally have 4 children all boys, and believe me if they were not chatting about Harry Potter on chat lines they would be chatting about everything and anything else on chat lines that is just what kids today do. The three older boys chat on at least 3 different sites, yet all three have many real friends outside of the internet.
As for being obsessed only with Harry Potter books this too will pass when the next great series by who ever, becomes the new fad. We have gone through every obsession from wrestling to star wars, from Hardy boys to Digimon all of them have lived and breathed these thing in obsess and their stability is fine.
If anyone still picks up a book and enjoys it enough to read it again I think the authur has done their job, and if it allows a child to talk about and disscuss it then they have truely read well and have taken more away from it the just a good read it has allowed them to use their imagination and experience what they believe Harry's world is all about. In short they are learning!
These books are and will always be a classic and timeless just like Tolkien's, Lord of the Rings first published in 1954, and are still enjoyed today.

As for kids not wanting to read school books, think about it did you want to read school books? and would you not put that book down to read something that your own personnel preferrance preferred! (ie: music, sports, comics, drama, romance, mystery)
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