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Painball, it really is a shame that you let your own theories about what would have made the book great interfere with your enjoyment of reading it. There was a lot of mystery in the series actually, if there hadnít been then there would have been no need for all of the detailed analysis and theorizing that we have all been doing for so long. Just because your theory was incorrect (as were many others, including my own) that doesn't mean that the book wasn't worth the read. The only theories that matter at the end of any book are those of the author. Whether Science fiction, fantasy, or mystery. Part of the fun is getting involved in the story line, but if you are so determined that your theory is the only possible theory that you loss site of the author's own creation then you truly miss out on a fabulous read. Although I never put any of my theories into print I was wrong on quite a few of them...ok most of them. But that doesn't mean that the time I spend developing those theories and reading...and re reading the books was time that I wasted. I hope that you can step back from your own theories and one day re read the books with the sole intent of enjoying them.

Thanks for posting your theories by the way, I must say that while I didn't agree with them, I enjoyed reading them and all of the other theories posted...almost as much as I enjoyed the books themselves.
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