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Lightbulb Dumbledore to Die!

Prediction: Dumbledore to die by end of book 6
I it my belief and prediction that Dumbledore will die in during book 6 - The Half Blood Prince.
I think it will happen at the end of the book - and will be the cliff-hanger.

Evidence or Support
I cannot offer any firm details why I believe this.
I feel that he has to die in order to drive Harry forward with the correct motivations in order to complete a grim task that appears as if either Harry or Voldemort must die.
It is my belief that Voldemort will kill him.
'It's all my fault, all my fault'
'Please make it stop, I know I did wrong, oh, please make it stop and i'll never, never again..'
'Don't hurt them, don't hurt then, please, please, it's my fault, hurt me instead ...'
'Please, please, please, no ... not that, not that, I'll do anything ...'

Dumbledore - HBP Pg536

'Merely taking your life would not satisfy me..'
Dumbledore - OoTP "The only one he ever feared" Pg895
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