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Re: new diary entry

I've been trying, but I just can't manage to place the trio neatly into the three Freudian brain regions. The id, from what I recall, is the instinctual centre. It operates under what is known as 'The Pleasure Principal'. It knows what it wants, and wants to satisfy it, reality be damned. I don't think Ron is such a hedonist, nor that he is filled with unbridled energy. Sounds more like Dudley - self centred, greedy, hungry, violent, primitive. At times, Ron's wants are a little simple, I suppose, but he still doesn't stike me as a creature of the id. He's too conventional in his thinking.

The Superego is the inherited law of the father - all that one learns in childhood about the taboos of the society into which one is born. Ron has often played the role of informing Harry and Hermione of the implications of certain things - as the wizard on the street would see them, eg on giants, 'mudblood' etc. Hermione tends to question the status quo more - eg, on the issue of house elves(house elfs?) - so I don't see her strictly as a superego. She does at times act as a moral centre - eg, when Harry wanted to use That Umbridge Woman's fire. So, maybe she's the superego of Hogwarts ... No. That role is played by MacGonagall. Really, in line with Dudley above, Harry's superego was played by Petunia, although he most often chooses to disregard it - as, alas, do we all, at times.

The ego is the portion of the personality that must deal with the outside world. It follows 'The Reality Principal', and takes into account the outside world in making its decisions. When the Id screams for food, the Ego gets a job to earn money. The Id doesn't think in terms of reality - it indeed would be satisfied by the Mirror of Erised, as the idea of the thing is the same as the thing itself to the Id.

It just hit me that the 3 roles are nicely illustrated by the dog, Sirius as the id ('Prongs, I'm bored'), James, (the egotistical) ego, and Lupin, as a weak, ineffective superego.
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