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Re: new diary entry

Sirius Potter Fan, no idea on that one... She might just go to forums on sites and pick a question that people have been guessing on for a while but haven't got the answer to.

Originally Posted by JKR's website
Even if the biggest secret gets out - even if somebody discovers the Giant Squid is actually the world's largest Animagus, which rises from the lake at the eleventh hour, transforms into Godric Gryffindor and... well, I wouldn't like to spoil it.
Okay, to me this doesn't sound like a joke... really I could totally see this happening. The final battle comes around, its on the Hogwarts' grounds, Harry and Voldemort fight for a bit and then when all looks grim for Harry, the Giant Squid climbs out of the lake and transforms into Godric Gryffindor who helps to defeat Slytherin's last remaining heir. Or I could see a different set of events from that too. Something like after Gryffindor makes an appearance he tells the two how this was never suppose to be, how everybody was equal and the four founders might have split because of different beliefs, but it was never suppose to divide wizard kind to the point of obliviation. Of course I can't imagine Harry and Voldemort shaking hands and saying sorry, but one never knows.
Of course thats taking the entire quote literally.

Its just the way that JKR wrote it mixed in with everything else that makes me think that there is some if not quite a bit of truth mixed in with what she says.
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