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Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"

Originally Posted by Morfin Gaunt View Post
Excuse me!!!!!

And i'll thank you, to, also read others posts more carefully.

NO where im my comment did i mention you! or any other comments on this site, i mentioned my view on the topic, of seeing it as a way forward for gay society.

In my 'Whats the problem comment' where i can see this could be mis-read. Is why the revelalation is such a shock horror.

SO yes Mr Bandman, you raise your kids as you see just. As will every one. I did not say in my comment you are a bad parent...

The word gay is under no watershed as far as i am aware.

If you are angry with JK do not jump down my posts in such a dissmisive manner of my views.

Neither can i add, did i call any one on here homophobic, i simply stated that a series so popular may result in greater understanding to this generation
yeah....okay....I overreacted. sorry about that. this is just an extreme sore spot for me, because, as a parent who read every word of all 7 books to his oldest daughter it is a HUGE problem! Jo Rowling was very irresponsible in letting this out at this time and in this manner. Sure, its my opinion, but I feel pretty strongly about it.
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