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Re: JKR: "Dumbledore is gay"

I think we've been blowing things a little out of proportion.
Firstly, JK said she always thought of Dumbledore as being gay. She never claimed to have written him as such. So, unless we all choose to copy JKR's image and imagination, the character is still up in the air.
As for the undesirable personal qualities - e.g. wanting to be in the spotlight - isn't it natural? We all crave attention and notoriety on some level. Anyone who makes claim that they have never wanted to be at the center of activity and of high importance is drowning in denial. I think that the stress of bearing the burden of a generation of HP-crazed fans has made its own mark on JKR.

Yes - I agree with all the parents on here that are angry about the risk that (their) kids will stumble across the idea of homosexuality before attaining a "desirable maturity". In this, I think Rowling simply neglected her younger fans, and made a comment that was intended for the more "seasoned" Potter fans. I mean, those of us who have discovered Harry Potter and made intense speculation are probably aware of the dimensions of human sexuality. And I will concede this point - it was careless to take the issue of such revelation out of the hands of many thousands of parents. The responsibility that JKR has, as a result of her power, (in terms of literary influence) was woefully off the mark.

Let us forgive and forget.
For a woman who has given us all so much joy for so long, in so many ways, JKR deserves forgiveness for a somewhat careless publicity stunt. If we cannot afford, in all our hearts, to spare some pardon for her mindlessness in one instance, then we are hypocritical, ungrateful and selfish. And if we should turn our backs on her forever, we are undeserving of the gift with which we have been endowed.
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