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Poll: When did Dumbledore first suspect that Riddle/Voldemort had made a Horcrux?
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When did Dumbledore first suspect that Riddle/Voldemort had made a Horcrux?

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Old 08-03-2007, 16:07   #11
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

I've been wondering about Dumbledore and his skills as a legilimens, especially in light of this passage. It is from the memory(?) that the diary shares with Harry. In the scene, Harry has been transported to Professor Dippets office. As they leave, and head off to when Riddle shows Harry the young Hagrid, they run into Professor Dumbledore:

Down the moving spiral staircase they went, emerging next to the gargoyle in the darkening corridor. Riddle stopped, and so did Harry watching him. Harry could tell that Riddle was doing some serious thinking. He was biting his lip, his forehead furrowed.
Then, as though he had suddenly reached a decision, he hurried off, Harry gliding noiselessly behind him. They didn't see another person until they reached the entrance hall, when a tall wizard with long, sweeping auburn har and a beard called to Riddle from the marble staircase.
"What are you doing, wandering around this late Tom?"
Harry gaped at the wizard. He was none other than a fifty-year-younger Dumbledore.
"I had to see the headmaster, sir," said Riddle.
"Well, hurry off to bed," said Dumbledore, giving Riddle exactly the kind of penetrating stare Harry knew so well. "Best not to roam the corridors these days. Not since..."
He sighed heavily, bade Riddle good night, and strode off. ...
(From COS, Chapter 13, The Very Secret Diary)
Did Dumbledore suspect something then? Why did he stop mid-sentence like he did, and then sigh heavily? Had he seen something in Riddle's mind?

And why was Riddle doing such serious thinking? Was that part of the original memory, or was that the Horcrux/Soul Fragment trying to decide if it was worth showing Harry something that Riddle/Voldemort knew was risky in that it might give something away?

I think this moment might be plausible for the time when Dumbledore first suspected. However, I don't think his suspicions were confirmed until the Lord Voldemort's Request scene.

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Old 08-03-2007, 18:25   #12
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

I think the serious thinking at that moment was about how to go about framing Hagrid so that he could stay at the castle during the summer. I think Dumbledore may have just then realized that Riddle might be the heir to Slytherin, and thus responsoble for the strange things happening. Dumbledore always seemed to know that Hagrid hadn't deserved explusion.

I do not think Voldemort had made any Horcruxes at this point, he doesn't ask Slughorn until the fall, and his questions definately included a lot of hows, and he asked what spell. I think that he had only just learned of the existence of Horcruxes at this point, maybe just read the same book that Hermonie had read, and learned the word and was counting on having the castle to himself more or less for the summer, in hopes that he could find out the rest of the story. With the Chamber still opened. Being told no meant he had to close it didn't it? I am fuzzy on that detail.

He sure seemed to fully expect to be granted permission to stay over the summer, it was like it did not occur to him that he might not be able to charm Dippett into letting him stay. He had the wind knocked out of his sails.
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Old 12-03-2007, 23:53   #13
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

I picked up Book Two and started skimming when I read this thread and then I thought...why not seal a Horcrux within the Chamber? Perhaps not the Diary as a moldy underground lair isn't exactly the best storage for a book of paper and cardboard...

But you must think, according to Book 2, Harry was probably the only Parseltongue at Hogwarts since Slytherin himself (save Voldemort of course)...if he put a Horcrux in there, it could be centuries before anyone with even the ability to open the Chamber would come to Hogwarts; and the chances that they would stop by a haunted bathroom and start talking to a snake scratched on a faucet? The Horcrux might manage to spend all eternity hidden.

So perhaps LV has put yet another horcrux within the Chamber...We know from his conversation with Slughorn that he not only knew how to create a single horcrux; but that he felt that creating more than one would be for the best. If there had been a report of another death in Hogwarts that could have fueled a new Horcrux, I would just about bet money that there is still more to be found from the Chamber of Secrets.
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Old 01-05-2007, 09:46   #14
Dr Winterbourne
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

Serophis, I think that each of Slytherin's heirs possessed a parseltongue - remember his relatives using it in HBP?
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Old 01-05-2007, 14:02   #15
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

Originally Posted by Dr Winterbourne
Serophis, I think that each of Slytherin's heirs possessed a parseltongue - remember his relatives using it in HBP?
That is quite true DW. Not sure if every single descendant would have spoken it, it was still considered rare, but the male Gaunts we saw could.

The thing is, we do know for certain that those heirs of Slytherin did not go to school at Hogwarts. My guess is that once Salazar left the school his decendants would not have gone there, but would have "schooled" themselves since Salazar did not aprove of the mudbloods in the school. Likely I think that Riddle was the first to go back, and only because he was unaware of his heritage, and the associated pure blood biases having been raised outside of the family. But even if Merope had returned to her family to raise her son, they both would have been shunned by the family.

Riddle learned of his family through research, and at some point discovered the chamber. It does seem a very likely place to leave a Horcrux, as even if every single Slytherin ancestor could speak parsletongue, Riddle was the last, so he felt he could be certain that no one else would be able to enter and find it.
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Old 28-05-2007, 20:22   #16
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

I have to go with the unusual effects of the rebounded spell - I think Dumbledore realized very early on that something wasn't right that night - in fact something was very wrong. He knew of Voldemorts fear of death - and he also knew the Prophecy - I believe this was confirmation point to Dumbledore and the reason he removed Harry from the magical world and hid him until such time as Harry could be given the ammunition and skills to combat the foe!
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Dumbledore - HBP Pg536

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Dr Winterbourne
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

I think that Dumbledore knew before the meeting for the DADA job. Voldemort's appearance there was merely confirmation of something his intellegence (both meanings of that word - brain power and information gathering) had lead him to.

I believe he deduced that Voldemort had created more than one horcrux, thus he knew precisely to what V was alluding when he boasted that he had pushed the boundaries of magic further than anyone - and unlike his followers, would have understood V's other boast in the graveyard, that he had walked further along the road to immortality than anyone else.

By the time of Harry's attack, I don't think there was anything more for him to surmise. If he didn't believe the prophecy before, he did now, seeing the chosen one, marked the lightning bolt - a weapon of the Gods to strike at blasphemers who dare to take more than mortals are allowed to seize. All he was thinking was, like Merlin with the baby Arthur, get this boy to a safe haven, and let us prepare him for his destiny.

Dumbledore knew V was coming back. He knew he had created horcruxes - he just didn't know how many until Harry told him so.

I wonder when Slughorn modified his memory. I think it was after Slughorn felt sure of Voldemort's return. He was in hiding - and had been for some time. Thus, Slughorn believed the rumours before the Ministry and the wider community - of course, he had a better reason to believe in V's immortality. I don't get the impression that he was dwelling on it during the war's hiatus, when the Vapourmort was roaming the nether regions. I think that he was ignoring the little memory, which niggled occasionally in his mind, whenever vague news of V's return, or potential return, reached him.

But he believed it once the Dark Lord had returned, and sent out his servants to bring him this uncomfortable loose end, who knew too much about Voldemort's secret. I believe it was then that he modified his memory - and was thus willing to give it to Dumbledore. Perhaps he modified it as soon as Dumbledore asked for it.

How much did DD know before he got the memory? How deep does Legimancy go? We have only seen it from Harry's point of view - and we know that he has an unusually strong resistance to control and such, and so perhaps he notices the intrusion more than others. Is it possible to sift through an individuals memories, or do you need a pensieve for that?
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Old 29-05-2007, 08:03   #18
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

Snape told Harry that with Legimancy you only see flashes of images not actual conversations. When Snape was teaching Harry Occlumency he broke into Harrys thoughts and saw certain images. (Remember he asked questions about Aunt Marges dog and about the MOM.) Plus he said you need the eye contact and normally close proximity to the person to which you are trying to get the info from.

So in order to get the real deal you would need the actual memory and a pensieve.
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Dr Winterbourne
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

Thank you, Seeker. I was itching for that quote, but I'm in an internet cafe without book or chessmen.

Related to the line of Slughorn speculation, if Voldemort is hell bent on taking anyone who may have knowledge, like Dumbledore, of his horcruxes, I wonder if Olivandar or Fortescue are involved in some way. I had assumed V wanted Ollivandar out of the way because he wanted to understand what happened with his wand, and to make sure it didn't happen again; and that Fortescue had something to with the Goblins - (does anyone remember exactly when they mention a Fortescue in History of Magic?) - but perhaps they too have been taken due to Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions, or because they hold pieces that may have lead DD, and can now lead Harry, to an Achilles' heel in Voldemort's immortality.

Sing the rage of Voldemort.
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Old 29-05-2007, 14:54   #20
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Re: Dumbledore's Horcrux suspicions

Hey Dr. W. I thought perhaps olivander is missing because he had to fashion a new wand for LV - one that would work against Harry's wand and wouldn't cause the priori incantatum to happen again.

PS: I love that you are writing from an internet cafe - Checking this site is quite possibly the most important thing I do on the internet.
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