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PoA - Chapter 4 - The  Leaky Cauldron
PoA - Chapter 4 - The Leaky Cauldron
Published by Hermione
PoA - Chapter 4 - The Leaky Cauldron


(In order of appearance)

Harry Potter


Sirius Black*

Florean Fortescue- owner of Florean Fortescue's Ice cream Parlor

onlookers of Firebolt/salesman

Madame Malkin*

Manager at Flourish and Blotts

Mirror in Harry's room at Leaky Cauldron

Seamus Finnigan

Dean Thomas

Neville Longbottom

Mrs. Longbottom- Neville's grandmother




Witch working at Magical Menagerie


Mr. Weasley

Mrs. Weasley





Tom- owner of Leaky Cauldron




*Spoken of but not seen


In this chapter, Harry is relocated to the Leaky Cauldron after leaving the Durselys. He enjoys being able to do his homework in the daylight and roam the interesting streets of Diagon Alley. When meeting up with the Weasley family, Harry learns the true reason for the escape of the famed prisoner Sirius Black; the convict has a plot for the demise of the last member of the Potter family. With Percy being a humongous bighead, Fred and George stealing and improving upon his Head Boy Badge and Hermione's rambunctious new cat, Crookshanks; it is anything but a restful end to the summer holidays.


We get our first look at the Firebolt in the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies and the salesman boasts to the crowd that the model will be a favorite during the Quidditch World Cup. It is the first mention of the Cup that we hear. (p. 51)

Harry goes into Flourish and Blotts to get his school books and sees Death Omens: What to Do When You Know the Worst Is Coming, the black dog on the cover reminding him of the black dog he saw earlier. (p.54)

Ron shows Harry his new wand, 14 inches willow with one unicorn tail hair. (p. 56)

Ron and Harry discover Hermione's workload will be heavier than theirs this year as evidenced by her three budging bags full of textbooks. (p.57)

Ron mentions Scabbers seems a bit ill. He suggests they get him looked at. (p. 57) At the pet shop, Magical Menagerie, the witch asks Ron where the rat came from and he responds that he inherited the Scabbers as a hand-me-down pet from Percy. (p. 58) The employee says that he can't be expected to live more than three years. She offers Ron a rat tonic for Scabbers. (p. 59) At this point Crookshanks goes after Scabbers for the first time (p. 59) and Hermione decides to purchase the lonely cat, which hasn't been out of the pet house in a long time. (p. 60)

When meeting up with Mr. Weasly, he tells Harry that the Ministry has taken everyone off of their normal jobs to hunt for Sirius Black. (p.61)

Harry greets the Weasley family and notices Mr. Weasley is strained, Fred and George are up to their usual antics, Percy is more pompous and has been named head boy, Ginny is embarrassed and Mrs. Weasley is proud of Percy and seems distantly bothered about something. (p. 62)

Over dinner Mr. Weasley tells the group they will be traveling to King's Cross via Ministry provided cars. When asked why he takes silent refuge in the uproar Fred and George create then is vague about his answer, replying that he no longer has a car so the Ministry is helping him out. His ears turning red give him away. (.p 63)

Harry overhears an argument of Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's dealing with him. They are quarreling as to whether or not to tell him that Sirius Black is after him. Mr. Weasley supports telling him the truth to encourage him to keep his eyes open, Mrs. Weasley prefers leaving him with his innocence. Mrs. Weasley also says she believes Hogwarts is the safest place on Earth since Dumbledore resides there. We also find out Dumbledore doesn't like the dementors. (p. 65-66)

Harry decides he agrees with Molly Weasley, anywhere Dumbledore is safest. (p. 66)

Harry mulls things over and is most disappointed by the fact that he will not be able to visit Hogsmead. (p. 68)

Themes/Points in Septology

In this chapter we are seeing our first glimpse of Divination and the idea of future being set and out of our control. Choice is a running theme in Harry Potter and here we see the first time Harry makes a choice instead of relying on predictions. He says, "I'm not going to be murdered." (p.68) in response to the many eerie signs of trouble and possibly death he has seen.

On p. 68 Harry notes he has faced Voldemort three times and come out alive. It is interesting to note that Harry's parents faced him three times before being murdered. He is on even footing with his parents when it comes time to face the details and mystery of their death.

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