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PS/SS - Chapter 3 - The Letters from No One
PS/SS - Chapter 3 - The Letters from No One
Published by Nagini
PS/SS - Chapter 3 - The Letters from No One

Philosopher's Stone/ Sorcerer's Stone

Chapter Three - The letters from no one


This is where Harry is sent his letter from Hogwarts telling him he has been accepted into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Of course Harry doesn’t actually receive his letter in this chapter. Uncle Vernon sees to this by first ripping up Harry’s letter then boarding up the letter box and then to stop Harry catching the post first thing, he sleeps in a sleeping bag at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway! He then takes further drastic action by driving the family all day without food till they end up sleeping first in a hotel and then in a hut in the middle of nowhere on the eve of Harry’s 11th Birthday.

The chapter first opens up by mentioning that Harry sustained his longest punishment to date for the escape of the Brazilian Boa Constrictor by being locked in his cupboard for so long that he is not let out until the summer holidays began. It then goes on to mention the bullying Harry receives at the hands of Dudley and his gang during the holidays.

During this chapter the relationship between Harry and Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia unfold more clearly. Their dislike of Harry is upper most in every dealing they have with him even when he asks them questions. The abuse and neglect Harry receives at their hands is disturbing at times even through there is humour injected into some of it.

Dudley also gets his hilarious Smeltings School uniform and of course the Smeltings stick. Aunt Petunia leaves Harry with Mrs Figg who is mentioned to have broken her leg tripping over one of her beloved cats. Mrs Figg is nice to Harry on this occasion however and lets him watch TV.

The chapter finishes with Harry lying on a stone cold floor with a thin ragged blanket to cover him counting down the minutes then seconds to his birthday. He hears noises outside that he at first takes to be waves hitting the rocks and the sounds of the storm but ends with a loud BOOM on the door of the hut.

Points of Interest

In this chapter I saw a few things that may be of interest and some things that may be of no interest or of low importance but I will list them all.

During Harry’s visit with Mrs Figg she was nice to him on this occasion – why was this do you think? Was it because she knew he would be getting his letter from Hogwarts?

Also during his visit she let him watch TV and offered him chocolate cake that tasted like she had had it for years. A possible gift from Hagrid perhaps? It sounds similar to his cooking skills.

When Harry receives his first letter he is puzzled as to who it could be, he has no friends and


Originally Posted by chpt 3

no other relatives

so are we to take from this that Lily and Petunias parents are dead?

The colour of ink on the letters is green and on Friday the number of letters sent was twelve!

Aunt Petunia reads the opening line of the letter that is addressed to Harry and is clearly shocked. Is the letter Harry first receives a different one to the one he later receives as he has been brought up by Muggles and knows nothing of Hogwarts.

Aunt Petunia suggests to Uncle Vernon that perhaps they should write back to Hogwarts telling them that Harry is not going – does this suggest that perhaps she knows how?

Once the first letter is received and the Dursleys see that it is addressed to Harry Potter, The Cupboard Under the Stairs, they are shamed into giving Harry the smaller bedroom in the house which houses all of Dudley’s broken toys.

What happened that was important later on

Mrs Figg is mentioned and later in the fifth book we find that she is a squib and knows Dumbledore and at least one other member of the Order.

Harry receives his all important letter from Hogwarts that later goes on to tell him he is a wizard and sets him off on his journey to Hogwarts but before that he learns that his parents were murdered by Voldemort and they were a witch and a wizard and also attended Hogwarts.

Characters mentioned in the chapter

Harry Potter

Uncle Vernon

Aunt Petunia

Dudley Dursley

Mrs Figg

Piers Polkiss – who is going to Smeltings with Dudley.

Gordon, Malcolm and Dennis who are all members of Dudley’s gang.

Aunt Marge is mentioned but only because she sent a postcard from her holiday.
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