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Storyline conspiracy theory "It's obvious what this means, there'll be loads of fog tonight"

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Old 24-10-2006, 15:04   #1
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A Dropped Horcrux?

So, I have a conundrum that has been niggling at me:

If Voldemort went to Godric's Hollow intent on creating a horcrux, then he would have taken the horcrux object with him that night. If so, and since we know that he left that night without a body, then what happened to the object? He certainly couldn't have carried it off. Wouldn't it have been left behind? If so, where? In the pocket of an empty set of robes? In plain sight? In the rubble?

Is it still there? Would he have recovered it after getting his body back? Would he have sent a death eater after it? Did it hold a piece of his soul, or was the spell not yet made? Lot's of questions here... (and we also have one horcrux showing up in the ruins of another house).

Now, this all assumes that horcruxes must be made at the time of the murder, and it also assumes that Voldemort was making a horcrux that night. Both of these assumptions are pretty shaky: we know almost nothing about making horcruxes, and we also suspect that Voldemort may have made his set of horcruxes prior to the night of Godric's Hollow.

But, it does make one wonder.

Any thoughts?

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Re: A Dropped Horcrux?

A different Idea...

I just finished Chamber of Secrets on Audio book (again) and it struck me...

In CoS, we find out the Voldemort recieved a special award for services to the School - for turning in Hagrid and Aragog. Could Voldemort have turned his award for service into a Horcrux. We all know he's very narcistic and would do something like this. Is it possible that the Horcrux has been in the school (in the trophy room) all along? This theory could bring Harry back to Hogwarts in #7...
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Re: A Dropped Horcrux?

If Voldemort was intending to seal a Horcrux on that night he must either have taken a vessel to Godric's Hollow or expected to find a suitable vessel at the house. Had the Potters had a relic of Gryffindor's at their home Wormtail would, no doubt, have informed Voldemort of this.

My thoughts are that all of the Horcruxes were in place by that time and Voldemort, was moving onto the next phase of his operation, that being the murder of Harry.

In GoF Voldemort says;

You know my goal - to conquer death. And now, I was tested, and it appeared that one or more of my experiments had worked ... for I had not been killed, though the curse should have done it.
Whilst "one or more of his experiments" does not confirm that all of the Horcruxes had been made it certainly shows that he had made a number of Horcruxes already.
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Re: A Dropped Horcrux?

I truly don't think that Voldemort would have gone to Godric Hollow if he didn't have all of his horcruxes all ready made. Plus I don't think that he would have made Harry a horcrux either. Why would he make Harry a horcrux and then try and kill him. He say Harry as a threat that is why he was going to kill him. Do you think he would have had time to make a horcrux at Godric Hollow with everything that was going on?
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Re: A Dropped Horcrux?

OK - I am not going to get into HiaH or HinaH in here - because there are threads on that!!!!!

So - to the questions - did Voldemort take an object?
You need to look for a thread that discusses when a horcrux can be sealed - because it would suggest it doesnt have to occur right away and it would also occur that indeed any kill will result in the ripped soul required to seal a horcrux.

Also remember - Godric's hollow - I would assume just sealing the last horcrux there could mean any object - it has it's links ...
I don't believe Voldemort had all horcruxes in place before heading there - he had intended to seal a horcrux with Harry's death ...

Maybe that is the key about controlling what deaths become a horcrux kills - the thoughts and intentions at the time of killing - and it would also suggest a modified curse ...

Did Voldemort create a horcrux that night - well you know my thoughts on that - it would class as a dropped horcrux so to speak
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