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Storyline conspiracy theory "It's obvious what this means, there'll be loads of fog tonight"

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Old 11-07-2007, 05:53   #1
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I have been thinking of a possible theory, which I will post later. But for now I am really confussed on the workings of portraits and frog cards so I was hoping for some input . Specifically Dumbledore's. I know it say in the book that he was seen slumbering in a gold frame in the office along with the past Head Masters. Also when we found out about chocolate frog cards he appears in Harry's when he was alive.

1. I was wondering do wizards have to be dead to be in a portrait? (JKR only said in the book "past Head Masters" not deceased Head Masters)

2. If so, what portion of the deceased person is in the frame? (ie: soul, inprint, spirit...)

3. How do wizards appear in chocolate frog cards? (ie: continually move from card to card, use something like a mirror to appear in every frog card at once, or is it like a photo, were it is a copy of a person made to move that is somehow on loop to appear on the card at a givin interval...)

4. Will you still be on a frog card when you die? If so how?

Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated, Thanks
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Dr Winterbourne
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Re: Portraits

Re 4 - you have to be able to, because Paracelsius, Merlin, Simon Magus and all those are well and truly dead.

I wonder if art is an elective at Hogwarts. Is the painting process itself magical, or is it a charm you put on a static picture. I remember Ron was actually freaked out by Dean's football poster, not quite believing that it wouldn't move - so maybe all pictures, if done by a wizard move, because otherwise, Ron would have seen static drawings before.

Can there only be one portrait of a person that shows them at a time?
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Re: Portraits

I think that a lot of these questions truly are still a mystery to us and hopefully we'll find out next week. However, I do recall hearing that the way the photograph moving thing worked was that the photos were developed in a special potion. I remember that from Colin in 2. That only tells us how photos move in the wizarding world. What I still don't understand is how the portraits are different from photographs and that DD's portrait appeared "magically" in the office. I wonder if his appears anywhere else (think Phineas Nigellus).

Sorry Arwan, I really don't know the answers. I know Jo explained that portraits could talk somewhere but I can't find it right now. I'll keep looking.
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Old 11-07-2007, 21:52   #4
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Re: Portraits

Something occurred to me about the frog cards the other day, but i can't remember it now!

Florean Fortescue had his portrait on the wall, and he was still alive (i think, i am congested right now and might have the wrong wizard in mind!)

there was another portrait on the wall in the headmaster's office whose occupant was still alive.

I think portraits and the frog cards differ though, like newspaper articles. The picture is taken specifically for that purpose. The frog card Dumbledore would move between frog cards, portraits between portraits, and the newspaper articles would each have their own photo (i do wonder where Rita got the pic of Harry for the Quibbler interview though).

there is no suggestion that the frog cards or newspaper pictures can communicate either. no suggestion or no evidence...
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Re: Portraits

On the extra disc of COS, DD is in a portrait on the wall in his own office and he is still alive and still headmaster.
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