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Accio Deathly Hallows!!
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so so many sock references of socks through out the books...

lmfao is there something about socks that makes JKR tick? or is there something here to do with book 7?

what do you guys think hmm?
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Re: socks...

While I wouldn't be surprised if this is an inside joke of JKR's-I've always thought of the bits with socks as reinforments to the spinning(as in spiders/webs) and knitting(as in spinning/patterns) clues . These are sprinkled throughout and apply mostly to Dumbledore and Dobby.
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Re: socks...

Well here they are!

Originally Posted by PS/SS
Dudley's birthday -- how could he have forgotten? Harry got slowly out of bed and started looking for socks. He found a pair under his bed and, after pulling a spider off one of them, put them on. Harry was used to spiders, because the cupboard under the stairs was full of them, and that was where he slept.

Of course, his birthdays were never exactly fun -- last year, the Dursleys had given him a coat hanger and a pair of Uncle Vernon's old socks. Still, you weren't eleven every day.

Harry sniffed and a foul stench reached his nostrils, a mixture of old socks and the kind of public toilet no one seems to clean.

"What do you see when you look in the mirror?"
"I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks."
Harry stared.
"One can never have enough socks," said Dumbledore. "Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books."
Originally Posted by CoS
Mrs. Weasley fussed over the state of his socks and tried to force him to eat fourth helpings at every meal.

Mrs. Weasley dashed about in a bad mood looking for spare socks and quills;

The family is careful not to pass Dobby even a sock, sir, for then he would be free to leave their house forever.

Professor Sprout wanted to fit socks and scarves on the Mandrakes, a tricky operation she would entrust to no one else,

Leaving their shoes outside the closet door, they sprinted in their socks up the marble staircase toward Moaning Myrtle's bathroom

"Well - I must say - when I took the job -" Lockhart muttered, now piling socks on top of his robes. "nothing in the job description - didn't expect -"

Harry took off one of his shoes, pulled off his slimy, filthy sock, and stuffed the diary into it.
Then he ran down the dark corridor.
He caught up with them at the top of the stairs.
"Mr. Malfoy," he gasped, skidding to a halt, "I've got something for you --"
And he forced the smelly sock into Lucius Malfoy's hand.
")What the --?"
Mr. Malfoy ripped the sock off the diary, threw it aside, then looked furiously from the ruined book to Harry.
You'll meet the same sticky end as your parents one of these days, Harry Potter," he said softly. "They were meddlesome fools, too. "
He turned to go.
"Come, Dobby. I said, come."
But Dobby didn't move. He was holding up Harry's disgusting, slimy sock, and looking at it as though it were a priceless treasure.
"Master has given a sock," said the elf in wonderment. "Master gave it to Dobby."
"What's that?" spat Mr. Malfoy. "What did you say?"
"Got a sock," said Dobby in disbelief. "Master threw it, and Dobby caught it, and Dobby -- Dobby is free. "

"I've just got one question, Dobby," said Harry as Dobby pulled on Harry's sock with shaking hands.
Originally Posted by PoA
Aunt Marge coming for a weeklong visit – it was the worst birthday present the Dursleys had ever given him, including that pair of Uncle Vernon's old socks.

He nodded toward Professor Lupin. Ron stuffed the Sneakoscope into a particularly horrible pair of Uncle Vernon's old socks, which deadened the sound, then closed the lid of the trunk on it.

They made their way slowly down the lawn, making a shallow trench in the glittering, powdery snow, their socks and the hems of their cloaks soaked and freezing.

"What's that?" said Ron, looking over, a freshly unwrapped pair of maroon socks in his hand.
Harry ripped the parcel open and gasped as a magnificent, gleaming broomstick rolled out onto his bedspread. Ron dropped his socks and jumped off his bed for a closer look.

The Pocket Sneakoscope had become dislodged from Uncle Vernon's old socks and was whirling and gleaming on the floor.
I forgot about that!" Harry said, bending down and picking up the Sneakoscope. I never wear those socks if I can help it....
The Sneakoscope whirled and whistled in his palm. Crookshanks was hissing and spitting at it.
"You'd better take that cat out of here, Hermione," said Ron furiously, sitting on Harry's bed nursing his toe. "Can't you shut that thing up?" he added to Harry as Hermione strode out of the room, Crookshanks's yellow eyes still fixed maliciously on Ron.
Harry stuffed the Sneakoscope back inside the socks and threw it back into his trunk.
Originally Posted by GoF
"Look, here's the stuff Mum got for you in Diagon Alley. And she's got some gold out of your vault for you. . . and she's washed all your socks."
He heaved a pile of parcels onto Harry's camp bed and dropped the money bag and a load of socks next to it.

A large, red, water-filled balloon had dropped from out of the ceiling onto Ron's head and exploded. Drenched and sputtering, Ron staggered sideways into Harry, just as a second water bomb dropped - narrowly missing Hermione, it burst at Harry's feet, sending a wave of cold water over his sneakers into his socks.

watching Hagrid darning his socks and arguing with Hermione about house-elves -

Harry got up on Sunday morning and dressed so inattentively that it was a while before he realized he was trying to pull his hat onto his foot instead of his sock.

He was wearing a tea cozy for a hat, on which he had pinned a number of bright badges; a tie patterned with horseshoes over a bare chest, a pair of what looked like children's soccer shorts, and odd socks. One of these, Harry saw, was the black one Harry had removed from his own foot and tricked Mr. Malfoy into giving Dobby, thereby setting Dobby free. The other was covered in pink and orange stripes.

It was a lie; he hadn't bought anything for Dobby at all, but he quickly opened his trunk and pulled out a particularly knobbly rolled-up pair of socks. They were his oldest and foulest, mustard yellow, and had once belonged to Uncle Vernon. The reason they were extra-knobbly was that Harry had been using them to cushion his Sneakoscope for over a year now. He pulled out the Sneako-scope and handed the socks to Dobby, saying, "Sorry, I forgot to wrap them..."
But Dobby was utterly delighted.
"Socks are Dobby's favorite, favorite clothes, sir!" he said, ripping off his odd ones and pulling on Uncle Vernon's. "I has seven now, sir. . . . But sir ..." he said, his eyes widening, having pulled both socks up to their highest extent, so that they reached to the bottom of his shorts, "they has made a mistake in the shop, Harry Potter, they is giving you two the same!"
"Ah, no, Harry, how come you didn't spot that?" said Ron, grinning over from his own bed, which was now strewn with wrapping paper. "Tell you what, Dobby - here you go - take these two, and you can mix them up properly. And here's your sweater."
He threw Dobby a pair of violet socks he had just unwrapped, and the handknitted sweater Mrs. Weasley had sent, Dobby looked quite overwhelmed. "Sir is very kind!" he squeaked, his eyes brimming with tears again, bowing deeply to Ron. "Dobby knew sir must be a great wizard, for he is Harry Potter's greatest friend, but Dobby did not know that he was also as generous of spirit, as noble, as selfless -"
"They're only socks," said Ron, who had gone slightly pink around the ears, though he looked rather pleased all the same. "Wow, Harry -" He had just opened Harry's present, a Chudley Cannon hat. "Cool!" He jammed it onto his head, where it clashed horribly with his hair.
Dobby now handed Harry a small package, which turned out to be - socks.
"Dobby is making them himself, sir!" the elf said happily. "He is buying the wool out of his wages, sir!"
The left sock was bright red and had a pattern of broomsticks upon it; the right sock was green with a pattern of Snitches.
"They're . . . they're really . . . well, thanks, Dobby," said Harry, and he pulled them on, causing Dobby's eyes to leak with happiness again.
Harry's other presents were much more satisfactory than Dobby's odd socks

"Nice socks. Potter," Moody growled as he passed, his magical eye staring through Harry's robes.

Harry pulled off his shoes and socks, pulled the handful of gillyweed out of his pocket, stuffed it into his mouth, and waded out into the lake.

Harry decided as he walked back up the stone steps into the castle, he was going to buy Dobby a pair of socks for every day of the year.

They went into Gladrags Wizardwear to buy a present for Dobby, where they had fun selecting the most lurid socks they could find,

They proceeded down to the kitchen to give Dobby his new socks.

"Thank you for the socks, Harry Potter!" Dobby called miserably from the hearth, where he was standing next to the lumpy tablecloth that was Winky.
Originally Posted by OotP
she even gets the socks to fold themselves - but I've never mastered how she does it - it's a kind of flick -' She flicked her wand hopefully.
One of Harry's socks gave a feeble sort of wiggle and flopped back on top of the mess in the trunk.

The cloud of smoke vanished as Mundungus stowed his pipe back in his pocket, but an acrid smell of burning socks lingered.

“Match his what?” said Mrs Weasley absently, rolling up a pair of maroon socks and placing them on Ron’s pile.

Only when Fred and George dropped in and offered to attach it to his forehead with a Permanent Sticking Charm did he wrap it tenderly in his maroon socks and lock it in his trunk.

Seamus dressed at top speed next morning and left the dormitory before Harry had even put on his socks.

now knitting a pair of shapeless elf socks.

it was now almost always possible to distinguish between the hats and the socks.

he noticed that the elf was also wearing several scarves and innumerable socks,

None of them will clean Gryffindor Tower any more, not with the hats and socks hidden everywhere,

on the bank of which the group of laughing girls who had just left the Great Hall were sitting, with their shoes and socks off, cooling their feet in the water.

and chased her gleefully from the premises whacking her alternately with a walking stick and a sock full of chalk.
Originally Posted by HBP
he saw something scribbled along the bottom of the back cover in the same small, cramped handwriting as the instructions that had won him his bottle of Felix Felicis, now safely hidden inside a pair of socks in his trunk upstairs.

"Well, we find we appreciate you more and more, Mum, now we're washing our own socks," said George,

He turfed out half the contents of his trunk before he found it hiding beneath the rolled-up socks in which he was still keeping his bottle of lucky potion, Felix Felicis.

"Draco Malfoy is a bad boy!" squeaked Dobby angrily. "A bad boy who — who —" He shuddered from the tassel of his tea cozy to the toes of his socks and then ran at the fire,

Harry took out the rolled-up socks at the bottom of his trunk and extracted the tiny, gleaming bottle.

He dashed up the stairs and into his dormitory, where he flung open his trunk and pulled out the Marauder's Map and a pair of balled-up socks

'I haven't got time to argue,' said Harry curtly. Take this as well -' He thrust the socks into Ron's hands.
‘Thanks,' said Ron. 'Er - why do I need socks?'
Clearly socks represent freedom and happiness to Dobby but they are also used to represent concealment and domestic labour. Uncle Vernon’s socks seem to represent the low regard with which Harry is held by the Dursleys. Dumbledore seems to hold socks in high regard, unless he was concealing the truth!

In the film PS the socks are concealed in the Diary but in the book PS/SS the Diary is concealed within the socks. Perhaps JKR is trying to correct the impression about socks concealing something else!
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Re: socks...

also ive spotted socks drying on what looks like a fire heater in the boys dormitories in one of the movies.. i cant remember which film but yeah im thinking there has got to be something with that socks business lmao
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Re: socks...

j.k does seem to have an odd sense of humour, and socks fit that perfectly. i think it has something to do with socks being just an everyday object but in certain circumstances are important, e.g freeing dobby , and if someone washes your socks (like molly for harry) it shows that someone cares for you. I guess maybe j.k never had anyone do her laundry for her?
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Re: socks...

Originally Posted by Glumbumble View Post
Clearly socks represent freedom and happiness to Dobby but they are also used to represent concealment and domestic labour. Uncle Vernon’s socks seem to represent the low regard with which Harry is held by the Dursleys. Dumbledore seems to hold socks in high regard, unless he was concealing the truth!
I think there may be something a little deeper here. I think socks represent protection of a sort---love, comfort, generosity, care, safety. The Dursley's provide Harry with dirty, second-hand socks, which represents the begrudging attitude they have for their duties as Harry's guardians---they will offer him protection through lodging, but will not ever let him forget that he is a nuisance to them. Mrs. Weasley is concerned about the state of Harry's socks because she wants to offer him a loving form of protection and it kills her that he has been so badly neglected by the Dursleys. Harry hides valuables in his socks for safe keeping. Dumbledore longs for the kind of loving, welcoming, and comforting feeling he gets from a good pair of socks....but no one will give that to him----think about it----Dumbledore is a very solitary figure----he is essentially alone----he apparently barely associates with his brother, has no other relatives that we know of, and appears to have few close friends----he is utterly alone and I think that makes him something of a tragic figure----he may have intentionally sacrificed those sorts of things, but still he longs for the kind of thoughtful care that only close friends and relatives can offer.

Socks are another love metaphor here----something that keeps us warm and secure, and something that we all too often take for granted, until you don't have them or they have something wrong with them (holes, no elastic to make them stay up, etc.).
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Re: socks...

i have to agree with mr bandman.

also that they represent a kind of social status of sorts. where dobby sees them as marvellous, harry can't see why, but i think he does begin to understand.
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Re: socks...

Socks to me represent freedom, as in what happened with Dobby.
Or of course it could be a referencing point towards house elf's and elfish ways?
I mean, it is no secret JKR likes to play with words and socks is right up there with 12 as far as re-occurance of words!
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Re: socks...

Hmmm....I think most people assumed that DD was being wry when he told Harry he saw socks in the mirror.....could it be that DD was under some sort of indentured servitude, like a House Elf?
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Re: socks...

Didn't Harry feel that Dumbledore wasn't being particularly honest about what he saw in the mirror.. but agreed that it had been quite a personal question. Keeping in mind what Dumbledore knew about Horcruxes, etc. at this point / what he didnt want Harry to know too soon, i kind of think he was just telling a bit of a white lie.. enough about that mirror for me, back to socks..

My initial thought was definitely that socks are an everyday item and help keep the books realistic, but I do like the freedom ties with house elves as well. JKR surely has managed to transform them into all kinds of useful things though.. that woman has some skills

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- Albus Dumbledore
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