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Deathly Hallows - The Answers Contained within here will be the septology questions & answers

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Old 24-07-2007, 00:30   #1
Morfin Gaunt
dumbledores army
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what did he end up becoming

GIven i need a re-read so i may have missed it.
but the only job i recall was neville becoming herbology teacher. what did harry become did he ever complete his newts to become and auror, and the rest of the trio
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Hoggy Warty Hogwarts
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Re: what did he end up becoming

JKR didnt say what anyone else became only Neville's she mentioned not Harry's Ron's, Hermione's or Ginny's and she didnt even tell us anything about the Weasleys or Luna or any of the teachers and i was really depressed about all that, i mean after all we grow up with Harry and hear about all these people and most of there lives and then not know anything thats happened to them afterwards we dont know how George is if he kept their shop (although i think he did for Fred) or any other Weasleys or Teddy Lupin or anything which i think it makes it harder to say goodbye to the series and i dont think JKR will write anymore.
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TFH Graduate
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Re: what did he end up becoming

I agree HWH, I felt like there was so many thing I wanted to know so many people we have grown to love and not a word. I hope if JKR does make a book 8 that a little more info on the rest of the characters would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm a N00b
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Re: what did he end up becoming

What I think JKR should do is What Tolkien did at the end of LotR. The book should be re-released later with an appendix that spells out the remaining history. It is only in the Appendix for LotR that we discover what became of many of the characters in the trilogy. She could spend time later writing a history more or less of many of the characters (Perevells etc) so that we can have a better understanding of all the lore. Harry's story is over but I think that there are many more stories pre harry and post that can be written that will be equally as good. I don't believe that this will be the last of the Hogwart's saga.
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Old 24-07-2007, 12:48   #5
secret seeker
The Half Blood Prince
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Re: what did he end up becoming

Sirius lee you make a good case... I too felt that it was a rather abrupt end, to what is essentially a 10 year read...following their day-to-day lives....and having studied everyones action's fanaticly....I felt sorry for the way Snape " you know ".
Really cruel.
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TFH Graduate
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Re: what did he end up becoming

Very true all!! But, we have to suffice ourselves in the fact that the trio survived and propagated A NEXT GENERATION. Therefore.... A.S.P. for M.O.M. in 2057
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Sirius Potter Fan
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Re: what did he end up becoming

Gotta agree here, I was expecting so much more in the 19 years later. I thought JKR had said that we would find out how all the characters ended up, but didn't really find out much conclusive about any of them really, the trio's occupations? Nevil's family life, as well as other teachers. I think . . . with the confirmation that she will be writing an 8th installment with "all the backgrounds, and other info that never made it into the books" we will get a little more satisfaction . . . and . . . I suppose eventually we could get all our questions answered on her site!
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Re: what did he end up becoming

To wrap this thread up a bit.. there is information here regarding Harry, Ron, and Hermione's futures. They are indeed with the Ministry - Harry and Ron "revolutionizing" the Auror Department, with Hermione "very far up" in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

I must say, I'm glad that's where they wound up. It seems appropriate, don't you think?

"Remember Cedric. Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory."
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TFH Graduate
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Re: what did he end up becoming

See, now how hard would it have been to add that kind of information to the end of the book?? :P
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TFH Graduate
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Re: what did he end up becoming

In an interview before the book was released, or maybe even finished, she said there would be an Epilogue to tell us how it all turned out because some people didn't make it, but I do not remember any news about dead people in the actual Epilogue though.
I am really starting to suspect a case of multiple personality disorder here..........
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