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CoS - Chapter 17 - The Heir of Slytherin
CoS - Chapter 17 - The Heir of Slytherin
Published by Alz
CoS - Chapter 17 - The Heir of Slytherin


The story opens with Harry standing at the end of a very long, dimly lit chamber.

Harry moves through the chamber until he reaches the last pair of pillars and comes upon a big statue of Salazar Slytherin – and at his feet is the body of Ginny.

Harry fears that she might be dead and rushes across to wake her – a voice tells him that she won’t wake.

Harry recognises the voice to be Tom Riddle.

At first Harry engages Tom as a friend but quickly realises that Tom isn’t someone he wants to be friends with.

Tom starts to recall the story of Ginny and the diary – and how he had gained her trust from talking to her via the diary.

Tom also then tells Harry that Ginny wasn’t his target in the end and in fact it was Harry who was his target.

At this time Harry finds out that Tom Riddle is in fact – Lord Voldemort!

Just after this Fawkes arrives and drop’s the Sorting Hat to Harry.

Voldemort thinks this is amusing.

After a quick re-call of the past – Tom decides it is time to dispatch Harry Potter and calls the basilisk.

A battle between Harry and the basilisk ensues and ends with Harry stabbing the basilisk in the roof of the mouth but not before the basilisk pierces Harry’s arm with a fang.

On the brink of death Fawkes returns and saves Harry, much to the annoyance of Riddle who then tries to finish the job – but Harry stabs the diary with the basilisks’ fang and Tom dies.

Ginny comes around and crying confesses to Harry she was responsible for opening the chamber and helping Tom.

Ron arrives and is very grateful for seeing his sister alive still; they depart the chamber and find Professor Lockheart.

Fawkes then flies them all out of the chamber.


The chapter opens as Harry enters the chamber of secrets.

He observes the decoration of the chamber that includes many carved serpents.

He is worried about if the basilisk is hiding around a corner and also wonders where Ginny is.

As he walks through the chamber he finally arrives at a tall pillar as high as the chamber itself.

He makes some observations about the status that seem to indicate this might be a statue of Salazar himself.

Lying at the feet of this statue Harry see’s Ginny.

He tries to wake her up but to no success. He observed her face was as white as marble and she was cold but he knew she wasn’t petrified.

‘She won’t wake’ announces the arrival of Tom Riddle.

Harry recognises the person to be Tom because of when he saw inside the diary.

Harry asks if Tom was a ghost but Tom tells him that he is a memory preserved in the diary for 50 years.

Lying next to Ginny was the diary that Harry had found in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

Harry asks Tom for help but Tom just watches him as he tries to pick up Ginny.

He also looses sight of his wand and even manages to half ask Tom.

Tom was twirling Harry’s wand between his long fingers and Harry asks for it – but the look of Tom indicates that he isn’t going to hand it over.

Harry starts to flap slightly and asks Tom to help him before the basilisk comes – Tom’s reply is to say that it won’t come until it is called.

Harry asks once again for his wand and Tom replies he won’t be needing it – Harry scrambles to understand what it happening.

Harry continues to reason with Tom but after Tom pockets Harry’s wand, Harry starts to think something funny is going on.

Harry asks Tom how Ginny had got like she did – and Tom replies, almost flippant telling Harry the real reason was Ginny had spilled her secrets to an invisible stranger.

Harry questions this and Tom tells him that Ginny had been writing in the diary telling him all manner of things like how her brother teased her and how she come to school with second hand robes and books.

Tom went on to say how boring it was listening to her but he was patient and even wrote back to her, being sympathetic and kind. He even remarks Ginny loved him.

Tom was also laughing – mocking Ginny about how she pored her soul into the diary and that was exactly what he needed because as she confided more in him – he grew stronger.

Tom also explains to Harry that indeed it was also Ginny that opened the Chamber of Secrets, she had strangled the school roosters and also daubed the threatening messages on the school walls – and also she had set the basilisk on the four mudblood and the squibs cat.

Tom took great joy in recalling how Ginny felt she was loosing her mind as she couldn’t even remember doing the things Tom had asked her to do.

Harry was growing more agitated as Tom continued to recall events.

Tom said Ginny finally started to get suspicious and tried to dispose of the diary – at which point Harry had found it and this delighted Tom because Harry was the one person Tom was anxious to meet.

Tom recalls how Ginny had told him all about Harry Potter and this just made Tom more anxious to meet him – so he decided to show Harry the time he framed Hagrid.

Harry becomes visibly annoyed as Tom tells him how he framed Hagrid; saying how he was a model student and Hagrid was just a blundering fool.

Seems he had everyone convinced apart from the Transfiguration Teacher – Albus Dumbledore who Tom said never really liked him – Harry added that Dumbledore probably saw right through him. Tom did say that Dumbledore kept an annoyingly close eye on him after that event.

Tom then says that after the Hagrid episode and Dumbledore taking more notice of him that is wasn’t safe to open the chamber so decided to create a diary preserving himself so he could lead another in his footsteps.

Harry then tells him that he still hasn’t succeeded as a mudblood hadn’t died to which Tom tells him that it didn’t matter as his new target was Harry!

Tom tells Harry how angry he was to find out that it was no longer him writing in the diary but Ginny again and that she decided to get rid of the diary.

So Tom decided to get her to write her own goodbye and then had her come to the chamber to wait for Harry to arrive – because he knew Harry would solve the mystery.

Tom then tells Harry he has a question for him – he wanted to know how a child with no extraordinary talents defeated the greatest wizard of all time.

Harry fires back as to why Tom was so interested in Voldemort – he was after his time but Tom tells Harry that Voldemort is his past, present and future – and with a flick of a wand Tom writes ‘Tom Marvolo Riddle’ then waves the wand again and the letter re-trace to be ‘I am Lord Voldemort’.

Tom goes on to tell Harry that Voldemort was a name he used with his very closest friends and that he wasn’t going to go through life with the name his mudblood farther had given him.

He then recalls how his Dad left him after he found out his wife was a witch.

Harry struggles with this new information and is only able to tell Tom that he wasn’t the greatest wizard of all time like he thinks – and indeed that title belonged to Albus Dumbledore.

Harry taunts Tom by telling him he never even tried to take over Hogwarts because Dumbledore was there.

Tom fires back that Dumbledore had fled the castle at the very mention of his name and Harry tells him that he isn’t as gone as Tom thinks.

At this point they hear music playing in the chamber and Fawkes appears on top of a pillar. Fawkes flies across to Harry and drops what looks like rags at the feet of Harry and then flies up onto Harry’s shoulders.

Tom recognises the rags to be the Schools Sorting Hat. He begins to laugh and then mock Harry that all Dumbledore could muster to help his great defender was a bird and an old hat. Riddle stops laughing and then asks Harry to tell him how he had twice failed in killing Harry and how Harry had survived twice.

Harry said no-one knows why but he thinks it was because his mother died trying to save him. Harry in a rage then tells Riddle he saw him last year and he was a wreck and barely alive.

Riddle concedes that the sacrifice by Harry’s Mother was a strong counter-curse and ultimately there was nothing impressive about Harry himself. Riddle then tells Harry how similar they are and that is what made him really curious. Riddle concludes it was nothing but luck that saved Harry and now it was time for Harry to learn a lesson.

At this point he walks away and calls to Salazar – at which point a basilisk emerges from the mouth of the statue – at the same time Fawkes leave’s Harry shoulder and Harry is pretty worried!

Riddle orders the basilisk to attack Harry and the basilisk obliges and so starts a sequence where Harry is being pursued by the basilisk.

Harry is struck by the basilisk and at this point Fawkes re-appears and gouges the eyes of the basilisk to help Harry.

With the basilisk thrashing about Riddle tells him to forget about the bird and to attack Harry – the basilisk thrashes some more and manages to flip the Sorting Hat into Harry’s hands. Harry hides under the hat as an act of desperation – Riddle once again commands the basilisk to just smell Harry because he can no longer see.

Inside the hat Harry is praying for help and feels something hit head and as he pulls of the hat he realises it is a sword.

Once again the basilisk attacks and leaps at HarryHarry thrusts the sword deep into the roof of the mouth of the basilisk but as he does this one of the fangs digs deep into Harry.

As the basilisk falls to the floor, Harry removes the fang from his arm – but it is too late as the venom was inside his and he started to see the chamber fade.

Harry feels himself slipping away as Fawkes flies across and places his head at the place were Harry had extracted the fang. He tells Fawkes he was brilliant. At the same time he hears footsteps as Riddle comes over and tells Harry that he is dying.

Riddle almost laughs as he says this and even the bird knows he is dying because he is crying. Riddle says he is going to watch Harry die and then says how all his friend had forsaken him and how his mudblood mother had bought him 12 years but Voldemort got him in the end.

But Harry realises rather than drifting into his silent death he was in fact feeling better and the burning pain was gone and the phoenixes pearly tears were healing his wound.

Tom realises this all too late and shoots a spell at Fawkes. He then tells Harry is made no difference and then raises his wand.

There was a rush of wings as Fawkes re-appears and this time drops the diary into Harry’s lap. Harry then takes the basilisk fang and sticks it into the heart of the diary.

With screaming and flailing Tom disappears.

Harry gets himself back to his feet as he hears Ginny awaking.

She is of course very upset and begins to tell Harry what he already knew but fears being expelled.

Harry leads Ginny out of the chamber as Ron emerges. Ron was of course really glad to see sister and also curious as to where the bird had come from and where did he get the sword from.

Harry tells them they should all leave and wonders where Lockheart is – Ron explains that the memory charm had backfired and that Lockheart’s memory was gone.

After a little amusing banter, Harry uses Fawkes to fly them all out of the chamber and they arrive back in the girl’s bathroom where Myrtle was waiting for them.

Myrtle was surprised to see them and shocked Harry was still alive, Harry says he is sorry to disappoint her – she says she wasn’t disappointed but if Harry has died he was welcome to share her toilet. Ron jokes Ginny has competition!

They all head to Professor McGonagall’s office.

Points of Note & Interest

- The chamber was filled with carved serpents and emitted a strange, greenish glow.

- Harry observes ‘an ancient and monkey-like’ statue with ‘a long thin beard that fell almost to the bottom of the wizard’s sweeping stone robes’ – could this be a statue of Salazar?

- ‘A tall, black-haired boy’ who was ‘strangely blurred around the edges, as though Harry was looking at him through a misty window’

- ‘- how she didn’t think famous, good, great Harry Potter would ever like her’ – from Tom talking about Ginny and her writings in the diary

- ‘If I say so myself, Harry, I’ve always been able to charm the people I needed’ – Tom Riddle

- There was an odd red gleam in his hungry eyes now

- ‘It lifted the hair on Harry’s scalp and made his heart feel as though it was swelling to twice its normal size’ – Noted by Harry as Fawkes made his entrance to the Chamber.

- ‘Fawkes?’ Harry breathed, and he felt the bird’s golden claws squeeze his shoulder gently. – Makes me wonder how much Fawkes knows of Harry and also feels for him – that looked like reassurance to me!

- The enormous serpent, bright, poisonous green, thick as an oak trunk … - Harry’s observation of the basilisk

- ‘A gleaming silver sword had appeared inside the Hat, its handle glittering with rubies the size of eggs’ – Harry Potter on what we later find out is Godric Gryffindor’s sword

- ‘There was a bang like a gun and Fawkes took flight again in a whirl of gold and scarlet.’ – Narrative

- ‘Harry head the stone doors close behind them with a soft hiss’ – Narrative

- ‘Led by Fawkes, whose wide scarlet wings emitted a soft golden glow in the darkness’ – Narrative

- ‘Ron took hold of the back of Harry’s robes, and Harry reached out and took hold of Fawkes’s strongly hot tail feathers.’ – Narrative

- ‘Fawkes was leading the way, glowing gold along the corridor.’ – Narrative

Plot Specific

Story Specific

- Harry observes Tom looking not a day older than 16 even though he had been that age 50 years ago – this confirms Tom was 16 and the chamber was last opened 50 years previously

- ‘Powerful enough to start feeding Miss Weasley a few secrets of my own, to start pouring a little of my soul back into her’ – Tom Riddle

- ‘Well you see, Ginny told me all about you, Harry,’ said Riddle ‘your whole fascinating history.’ – Tom Riddle

- ‘It had taken me five whole years to find out everything I could about the Chamber of Secrets and discover the secret entrance …’ – Tom Riddle

- ‘I knew it wouldn’t be safe to open the chamber again while I was still at school. But I wasn’t going to waste those long years I’d spent searching for it. I decided to leave behind a diary, preserving my sixteen-year-old self in its pages, so that one day, with luck, I would be able to lead another in my footsteps, and finish Salazar Slytherin’s noble work.’ – Tom Riddle

Septology Specific

- ‘Voldemort,’ Said Riddle softly, ‘is my past, present and future, Harry Potter …’

- ‘I, in whose veins runs the blood of Salazar Slytherin himself, through my mother’s side?’ – Tom Riddle

- ‘I, Keep the name of a foul, common Muggle, who abandoned me even before I was born, just because he found out his wife was a witch?’ – Tom Riddle

- ‘Even when you were strong, you didn’t dare try and take over Hogwarts, Dumbledore saw through you when you were at school and he still frightens you now, wherever you’re hiding these days,’ – Harry Potter

- ‘But I know why you couldn’t kill me. Because my mother died to save me. My common Muggle-born mother,’ – Harry Potter

- ‘So. Your mother died to save you. Yes, that’s a powerful counter-charm.’ – Tom Riddle

- ‘Because there are strange likenesses between us, Harry Potter. Even you must have noticed. Both half-bloods, orphans, raised by Muggles. Probably the only two parselmouths to come to Hogwarts since the great Slytherin himself. We even look something alike …’ – Tom Riddle … This interests me a great deal!

- ‘Twice – in your past, in my future – we have met. And twice I failed to kill you.’ – Tom Riddle


Harry Potter

Tom Riddle/Voldemort

Ginny Weasley

Percy Weasley (mention)

Hagrid (mention)

Armando Dippet (mention)

Dumbledore (mention)

Salazar Slytherin (mention)

Riddle Senior (mention)

Riddle Mrs (mention)


Sorting Hat

Lily Potter (mention)


Mum & Dad Weasley (mention)

Ron Weasley

Professor Lockheart

Moaning Myrtle

Professor McGonagall (mention)
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