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Discussions on Muggles, magical creatures and everything else .. "Them! Don' listen properly, do they? Don' look properly either."

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Re: Petunia

I was going to start a new thread, but this is brought up here, somewhat.

JKR saying: She is not a squib, although that is a very good guess. Oh, I am giving a lot away here. I am being shockingly indiscreet.

How could Squib be a good guess? This keeps bugging me. I keep going in circles, she can't be a half-sister to Lily and have one magical parent, or else that would make her either a witch, OR a squib. You can't just be a muggle if you have one magical parent and are not magical. And Lily had both muggle parents. JKR has confirmed this.

JKR has said that Petunia has never been able to perform magic, and won't start now either.

I know that there is speculation about her love live with various characters, and that could fit, but is there something we are missing? Are there non-magical people who are NOT Squibs, but know more than Muggles, other than relatives and such of Witches and Wizards? Kind of like Fleur is part Veela, but I take it that Veela are very attractive creatures. Something like a Veela though?
Something like a squib that isn't a squib?
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Re: Petunia

I think that there are three types of non-magical people; Muggles, Squibs and witches or wizards who have lost their magical powers. DD tells us in HBP when discussing Merope

Originally Posted by Dumbledore. HBP
“I do not think that she wanted to be a witch any longer. Of course, it is also possible that her unrequited love and the attendant despair sapped her of her powers; that can happen.”
Now, I wonder how the children of either witches or wizards who had lost their powers, or the children of squibs are described? Would they be Muggle-born? If so this offers a large range of opportunities to explain Petunia’s knowledge of the magical community and also why Lily was not disciplined for the use of magic, In front of muggles and whilst underage.

Another option exists as a result of JKR’s original story of Dean Thomas;

Originally Posted by JKR
“Dean is from what he always thought was a pure Muggle background. He has been raised by his mother and his stepfather; his father walked out on the family when Dean was very young. He has a very happy home life, with a number of half-brothers and sisters.

Naturally when the letter came from Hogwarts Dean's mother wondered whether his father might have been a wizard, but nobody has ever discovered the truth: that Dean's father, who had never told his wife what he was because he wanted to protect her, got himself killed by Death Eaters when he refused to join them. The projected story had Dean discovering all this during his school career. I suppose in some ways I sacrificed Dean's voyage of discovery for Neville's, which is more important to the central plot.”

So it would have been possible for both Lily and Petunia to believe that they were Muggle born when, in fact, one or both of them were not.

When Harry looked into the Mirror of Erised he “looked into the faces of the other people in the mirror, and saw other pairs of green eyes like his, other noses like his, even a little old man who looked as though he had Harry's knobbly knees -- Harry was looking at his family, for the first time in his life.” And later “And there were his mother and father smiling at him again, and one of his grandfathers nodding happily”

The mirror did not seen to show Aunt Petunia or Dudley, both of whom are blood relatives. Does the mirror only show people from the magical community? Some of the relatives would be James’ family but those with “Lily’s eyes” would be family of Lily and Petunia. Do Lily and Petunia have different fathers?

It is my view that Lily and? Petunia have some sort of connection to a magical family and I think that to some extent Petunia knows this.
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Re: Petunia

Well, I had just assumed that the mirror was only showing dead people, that is an interesting thought. If it does show only magical people, and there were green eyed people, that means there were other magical people in Lily's family.

JKR has said the parents were strictly muggles. Not important to the story. She killed off the Grandparents so that Harry would be alone. She said that Lily had no other living relatives besides Petunia. She has not said that there are no relatives who might have died before Lily that would be important to the story though.....

Maybe an Aunt was magical too? A witch aunt that told the girls stories as they were growing up? About Voldemort, and Dementors? About the magical world in general? If both girls grew up hoping for that Hogwarts letter, and only one of them got the letter......... Petunia wouldn't technically be a squib in that instance, but she sure would have felt like one........

Another thing is that we were shown how cruel James could be, and I have to wonder now if maybe Lily couldn't have been a little cruel herself, to Petunia.
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