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Discussions on Muggles, magical creatures and everything else .. "Them! Don' listen properly, do they? Don' look properly either."

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Re: Female centaurs

Maybe the female centurs migrate to and from the Forbidden Forest? That could work. But where would they live now?

What if the females were targeted by Voldemort and their whereabouts are hidden? Could that be the reason why the centurs watch the skies for signs of evil so vigillantly, as opposed to just stat gazing.
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Re: Female centaurs

i have always assumed that the female centaurs stayed in the village. i mean, if u look at human tribes (bad example because centaurs in JKR's world hate being compared to humans, and centaurs are not human) the women tend to stay in the domestic space raisng the children and tending the home. i would assume the centaurs have a more tribal society and therefore the men would go out hunting and would protect the herd while the women stayed in the village and raised the children. but maybe the centaur males only protect the tribe and the females run it? that would be interesting. or maybe the females look like the males except that they have a more femine male torso (instead of a female human torso) and a female horses body? i dunno, i just assume the female centaurs stayed in the centaur village and let the men handle the representitive business, being informed of what was happening and having a say in decisions that affect the tribe.
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Re: Female centaurs


Museum Collection: Bardo Museum, Tunis, Tunisia
Catalogue Number: TBA
Type: Mosaic
Context: Elles
Date: C4th AD
Period: Late Roman


A pair of female Kentauroi (Centaurs) raise a crown above the head of the goddess Aphrodite.
There, they do exist in legend.
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Re: Female centaurs

Has anyone seen Narnia, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe? They have female centaurs in that movie, and spoken about in the books than in the one movie.
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