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GoF The Movie: What did you think? (Spoilers)

Opinions please!

I saw GoF at 11:30 this morning - the first showing around here.

I love it for what it was - some parts were way off from...
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Weasleyfanforever on 28-11-2005, 00:13
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

OK, so finally went to see it with my bff (by with I mean I dragged him along so I wasn't alone) and here are my thoughts:

Yes, I have to agree that the movie was fast paced, but with everything that happened in GoF, and already knowing the running time, I wasn't surprised. I actully thought it did very well piecing things together with the small amount of time (in ratio to actual pages of GoF).

Things I didn't like:

Sirius only being in the fire, the extremely shortened time Harry was in the pensieve, the lack of beasts in the maze, the few DE in the graveyard, the extremely condensed Moody/Crouch Jr. scene at the end, and Priori Incantatum (I was looking for sphere with golden lines shooting all around it, not paint dripping from it)

Things I liked:

The DE masks (very creepy), Voldemort, "**** off!" , the dragon chase, the twins' beards, the bouncing ferret, Moody ( just all around great), the very emotional, very believable Harry when he first arrives back at Hogwarts after the graveyard, and parts of the "Cedric" speech at the end.

All in all, I say it's the best yet
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Finnegan on 29-11-2005, 09:36
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

Well, where to begin? I'd have to say that overall, I did like the movie. I liked the tone of it (one of the things that I absolutely hated about the first two movies), and there were a lot of elements that I did like. For once, though, I'd have to agree with Alz on a few things - it was too rushed, and it just didn't seem to connect very well with itself as a movie. But then, my solution would have been to cut more to make room for more - the scenes at the World Cup didn't add up to anything, and they could have been cut. And the first task? Pointlessly long, if you ask me. If I'd never read the books, I doubt that I'd understood anything, and they could have done a better job of that - though I'm not sure that more scenes would have done the trick.

But there were certainly things that I liked about the movie. First of all, the acting was excellent - even Daniel Radcliffe is turning into a decent actor, though I maintain that the true stars of that movie were Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes, and Miranda Richardson. Of course, they could have done a better job of hiding Ralph Fiennes's hotness, because thinking that Voldemort is hot is just sort of weird. And they could have given Miranda Richardson more screen-time.

I really liked the look of the movie as well - I liked the dark, greyish colurs that Hogwarts and its surroundings are getting, and I think it works much better with the feeling of the place. The CGI was alright, I thought - the Hungarian Horntail was great, and the merpeople were believable enough. The rebirth of Voldemort was very well done as well - and have I mentioned that I loved Ralph? Snape, by the way, had moments of true glory too. The maze was great - I didn't even miss all the challenges, as I thought it was sufficiently stressed that the maze was challenge enough in itself.

What really made me like the movie, though, was Harry's return from the graveyard with Cedric's body. It never really touched me when I was reading the book, but here it was just heartbreaking. That moment made the movie for me, and I really thought it was the one thing that was emphasised much better in the movie than in the books.

So all in all - I think I'll say 7/10.
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Moony on 29-11-2005, 12:10
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

Originally Posted by Finnegan
If I'd never read the books, I doubt that I'd understood anything, and they could have done a better job of that -
This was my key gripe with the movie. I understand that it's difficult to compress the book into the allotted time frame for a motion picture, and still hold everyone's attention. However, they should have worked out some way to avoid leaving such very large gaps in the story. My daughters and I understood the movie, having read the book, but on the way home, we had to take turns filling in the gaps for my wife, who hadn't read the book.
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Alz on 30-11-2005, 05:47
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

OoHhH - Finny agreed somewhat with me - YAY
Hey in return - the part in Snapes lesson where they were talking was the second best part of the film ... it was just pure genius that they had Snape/Rickman do what he did in that scene and emphasised more in my mind that anything the enjoyment he gets out of ridiculing Harry/Ron/Hermione.
So yeah - should add that was a real highlight and done so, so well!
It was comical in a book/film representation that is very dark thoughout.

Still for me - Ralph stole the show - HE OWNS VOLDEMORT now!

Hey another quick one - but did anyone else pick up on the wrongness of Harry in cupboard with Rita - and worse Moaning Myrtle
There is a joke there - but I am gonna stop
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Sirius Potter Fan on 01-12-2005, 15:33
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

OK, my turn

As I think I stated somewhere before, I made myself not re-read the book for about 3 months prior to the movie's release, so I wouldn't be so bothered by the anticipated "missing" parts. Well for future reference, IT WORKED! I really loved the movie. Yes, fast paced for sure, even rushed, still you almost have to expect that for them to squeeze in all that they did. I agree that the scene with the horntail went on longer than necessary, longer in fact than the book even mentioned that it took. There could have been other things worked in.

So many tense moments, but all balanced out with some incredibly funny moments as well. Don't know when I have laughed as hard as I did with Myrtle in the tub with Harry!!!!!! ROFL! I loved that the twins played a larger role, and it helped with the comic relief as well.

I liked : Myrtle, Voldemort (yes Alz I agree with you on something!) since they left Dobby out, I actualy did like the way they fixed it with Nevil giving Harry the gilly weed. Harry spitting out his pumpkin juice, Snape bopping the boys in the head, the whole graveyard scene, scenes with Cho were well done and will set things for OotP nicely,

Didn't like: again I agree with TFN here, I hate Gambon in the role (can we get a petition to replace him, or to make him act more like the DD we know in the books??????) didn't like the way Barty jr was handled in all aspects. . . his apearance in the first scene, was never realy shown killing Barty sr. , the scene at the end was way too chopped up and no dementor to kiss him! I really would have like to have seen some creatures in the maze, but it was somewhat made up by the changing passageways. It was never brought even by jr.'s confession that he caused Krum to attack Fleur and cedric. And did I say that I don't like Gambon?

Overall I really did like the movie about 8/10. The kids absolutely loved it!

And Alz. I saw it in the IMAX here, and it was awesome. . . plenty of foot room too! You need to try OK sometime

OH! yeah, I really don't like Gambon playing DD! (never have) Surely they can find someone better!
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SnarkologyMajor on 05-12-2005, 11:13
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

To be fair I didn't want to post my feelings about the movie until I saw it for a second time. I took my daughter to the midnight opening and absolutely hated it.
However, after cooling down and going to see it again, I just tried to enjoy it for what it was..and for the most part it was great! I agree with most of the comments already made and really agree w/SiriusPotterFan that Gambon is terrible! I just wanted to add that I'm still really, really disappointed that Voldemort made no mention of immortality since the whole septology revolves around that. Also the deatheaters weren't represented as what they are, considering they burnt the whole campsite down. Krum's eyes in the maze was just plain stupid, jeez that's like a spy having spy written on his forehead! I really wanted that scene with Snape and Sirius at the end....boy they are sure going to have to backpeddle for OOTP. OK I'll stop nitpicking now, just had to get that off my chest !
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halliemei on 06-12-2005, 18:07
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

Mine will be a bit longer. I've seen it four times now -- starting at midnight of the release and the final one on IMAX. I love this movie. It is my favorite book and my favorite of the movies so far. Part of the reason, I think, is because I did allow myself to be spoiled in advance (though the not reading the book prior to the movie might end in the same place). What I mean is that I knew what was missing before I went into the movie. I had seen every picture and clip that was released, so I had a feel for what would happen. I also have accepted that the movies are not the book and that I can't expect them to be.

That said, let me first address the non-book fans. My DH and his brother are both non-readers of the books. Both followed the movie and asked intelligent questions afterwards -- mostly probing more (not "what does that mean"?) kind of questions. AND my DH's brother begged his mom to buy him the books after seeing this one. I've been working on him for two years and one movie did it. I encouraged him to read the book as I do think OotP would be difficult to follow as a book without reading GoF. There are details that don't make sense without it.

I loved the imagery. I loved the pace -- never got bored and the more times I see it the more I don't feel rushed. The first time, I left feeling like I read the Cliff's Notes of the book. I didn't mind the stuff left out -- even the Parting of the Ways (I think this is EASILY handled in OotP and would have created a hole in the plot for this particular movie if handled here). We must remember that the movies are not JUST for the book fans. They must both fit within the series and stand-alone.

The acting is magnificent from almost all of the adult actors. I adored VM in this. Ralph Fiennes worried me when selected because he IS so darn good-looking. But, he was another perfect casting -- they do that a lot here (with the exception of Gambon, which I'll get to). Gleeson as Moody/Crouch is hysterical and even more disconcerting when you find out he's the bad guy because you Really do like him. Speaking of CrJr -- wow! I'd never seen him before and I must say -- no wonder girls go for the bad guys, they have all the hotties! (did I use the word "hotties"?) -- think about it Lucius (who is magnificent), VM, Crouch Jr, and (apparently) Snape are all quite handsome. Who do we have? Well, Sirius is pretty cute, and hmmm . . . well, that's it (unless you count the twins and Ron, but I won't because that would be illegal). Speaking of the kids, they are really improving. I still don't like Emma Watson. She is a so-so actress and looks NOTHING like the real Hermione. And she actually digressed in her acting on this one, I think. And I saw NO transformation in the Yule Ball. She's just much too pretty to be Hermione. I blame that on wardrobe/makeup/hair because I have seen the trailer for Nanny McPhee and Emma Thompson looks TERRIFYING! Oh, and Gambon. Well, he's grown on me some in Goblet. He was terrible in PoA. But Goblet is closer to the OotP DD so I think he's okay here, not great but okay. I don't think he can do HBP DD, though! I think most people's problem with him is that he not only refuses to read the books but is arrogant that he will make DD his own character. NO! He's not Gambon's character, he's JKR's.

The changes were okay. I missed Dobby and Mrs. Weasley. I would have loved to have seen the Dursley's scenes, cause they're hilarious. I think the fireplace thing is weird and I don't know that I like it. I actually think that the change to Task 1 was a good one (except why did the dragon need to die?). The book version would have been boring on film, I think. Task 3 was an opportunity missed, I think. It was fine and okay as it was, but I think the creatures would have been better. The graveyard was pretty perfect, except I wish they'd have kept VM's speech exactly as it was in the book. It was terrific. I missed the scene at the end.

About the Rita/Mertyl uncomfortableness that Alz mentioned. . . yeah, I didn't like that either. It was too much, to me. I was uncomfortable the first time Rita mentioned how cozy the cupboard was. I think most people think it's a dig on Harry's beginnings, but I think it is similar to why I don't mention the underaged actors. And I think Mertyl was inappropriate. One quick peek would be funny, but I can't get over the actress being 40!

Speaking of ages, I think the kids are doing fine aging with Harry. They were 14, 15, and 16 making the movie. Since, the 90210 "kids" were in their mid-twenties when making the High School episodes, I think we've got plenty of time to work here.

The one hole I think that will be hard to fill later on is Snape being good and bad and how he went back to VM. I have yet to figure that one out.

The music? Good. No, Doyle is not John Williams. I wish the two would work together because I think they could have an amazing collaboration.

I could go on for ages, as I'm sure you can tell. But, I'll stop for now.
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Fortescue on 07-01-2006, 03:54
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

I saw GoF for the second time and although I still liked it, I think I felt the same way about Voldemort and the graveyard scene. I also was very put off by the music. I've loved the HP music in all the other movies, but except for a small bit at the beginning it was totally gone. I can't imagine them making a soundtrack out of the movie because there wasn't anything special about the music. To me it sounded like music to any other movie. You had the obvious change during suspenseful scenes and that type of thing, but the signature HP music just wasn't there.
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Alz on 27-02-2006, 05:31
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

Just wanted to add an observation from the film ...
I watched it again on the plane and when the Durmstrang's come into the great hall and one of them blows a circle of flames ... it turns into a phoenix at the end ...
Never noticed that before .... not sure it is really relevant either just an observation
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Seeker615 on 27-02-2006, 06:49
Re: Goblet of Fire Movie Reviews

I liked the movie a lot but there were a few things that bothered me.

I didn't like the ending at all. There was no big scene where Sirius is revealed, no plan on how they were going to tackle LV, No Fudge to argue with and no DD talking to Snape about what he must now do.

How are they going to explain all this in the next movie? (If they even do explain it)

I really was hoping for Sirius in this movie and was disappointed that he was only a strange head in the fire.

I also wasn't crazy about the maze scene. I think they dropped the ball on this. The maze was supposed to have creatures and obstacles in it.

Overall I did like the other tasks and I liked the yule ball scene. The Voldemort scene was amazing. Snape was a riot in the study hall scene. (Just love Rickman)

I think it was the a great movie overall but it really digressed a lot from the book. If you never read the books I think parts can be confusing. (Hubby hated the end. He actually said "Why was there no ending to the movie?" nothing was really solved no plan of action no nothing.
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