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Character conspiracy theory "Krum attacked Crouch, no-wait for it, then stunned himself!"

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secret seeker
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Petunia and Sirius. What J.k.r. tried to hide ...

O.k, I know it you might think, " You can't be Serious ", but I was re-reading P.o.A. today, and this just stood out. It is central to my theory, and one that needs explaining.

U.k. edition page 18 to 19 :

" He ( Harry ) helped himself to a piece of toast and then looked up at the newsreader on the television, who was halfway through a report on an escaped convict.

...the public is warned that Black is armed and extremely dangerous. A special hotline has been set up, and any sighting of Black should be reported immediately ".

A few sentences later,

" Aunt Petunia, who was bony and horse faced, whipped around and peered intently out the kitchen window."

Right, now that's out the way, let me explain why I think Petunia knows Sirius, and of his godfatherly duties towards Harry.

There are 4 related reasons why I believe this. They are;


After this early and brief few paragraphs introducing the character of Sirius and Petunia " whipping around to peer out the kitchen window ", J.k.r. introduces another character immediatly after, Marge, and then goes into lengthy detail about her past treatment of Harry.
J.k.r knows her fans love to know more of Harry as a young child, and this scrap of info on Harry's treatment by Marge is a perfect and interesting diversion, to keep you reading, and Harry's memory of his treatment is what sticks in our mind's, not Petunia's behaviour when she realise's Harry's godfather is free from prison. NOTE; Vernon is oblivious to the recognition by Petunia of Sirius, and I shall come back to this in point 4.


J.k.r. herself has said there is more to Petunia, and I believe this is it. She isn't a Squib or Witch, but she knows more magical people than she lets on.


Notice how J.k.r. has Petunia " peer out the kitchen window ". This suggest's to me that Petunia know's Sirius is an Animagus, and was expecting to see him in Dog-guise, outside her " kitchen window ", not knocking on the front door.


More importantly, page 316 / 317

" Harry spotted Uncle Vernon at once. "

Notice how Petunia and Dudley are absent?

" Godfather?, spluttered Uncle Vernon. You haven't got a Godfather!."

Vernon is completely in the dark about Sirius, as seen in point 1, BUT, if J.k.r. had wrote Petunia into the scene, would Harry have spotted a huge give-away in her reaction, thus, spoil future plots? ...

When you look at Harry's 1st and 5th year ALL the Dursley's arrive to pick up Harry. In the 2nd no mention is made. In the 4th year it's just Vernon. And I dont know about 6th year, as my friend has my book, but I think it's all the Dursley's again.

Thanks for the patience...
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Re: Petunia and Sirius. What J.k.r. tried to hide ...

First of all, I pick up books and reread them all of the time so I do not find it strange that you were rereading PoA

Secondly I looked up something else close to this today for another thread, and when asked why the howler from Dumbledore said, "Petunia, remember my last" and not just, "remember my letter"? JKR replied that obivously there had been prior letters from Dumbledore to Petunia.

She most likely understood that by taking Harry into her home that she was giving him a magical protection. It isn't out of the question that she knew who Sirius was, that she could have been told by Dumbledore that Harry had a Godfather, but there was suspicion that he had betrayed the Potters or something. Most likely Petunia would have not mentioned to Vernon anything at all about a Godfather as he probably would have insisted on sending Harry to Sirius, Azkban or not!

Given the treatment that Harry received while in the care of Petunia, it is hard for me to imagine why she ever agreed to take him in at all, of course she may have been too afraid of Dumbledore to have refused, or may have thought the protection might extend to her own family. She does mention overhearing a conversation between Lily and "That awful boy" about Dememtors in Order of the Phoenix.
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Re: Petunia and Sirius. What J.k.r. tried to hide ...

haha good thinking guys but yet im traveling along a different line

to me it seems like Petunia is reminiscing about a past lover

Petunia knows of LV and what he is capable of doing, right?

could it be possible that when she found out that Sirius was taken to Azkaban as a LV follower and what he did to lily and family, she lost love for him?
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Re: Petunia and Sirius. What J.k.r. tried to hide ...


Oh what a fun idea this is! And you know, I myself do things like peer intently out of windows whenever something like that comes up and I am hoping that my husband doesn't notice.........

Petunia claims not to have seen or heard from Lily in years, but she did now that Lily had given birth to Harry somehow, and it was my understanding that they have no other living muggle relatives, although I could be wrong about that. Hmmm Sirius showing up now and then to rattle her? As for her hatred of all things of the wizzard world, maybe kinda"The lady doth protest too much, methinks"? All we really know is what Petunia has said in her husbands presence.........
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