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HBP Character Discussion Any facts or details from HBP on new and old characters

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Old 27-10-2006, 22:40   #11
secret seeker
The Half Blood Prince
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Unhappy Re: Where did Snape learn it all?

I agree Alz, Severus's childhood and adolescent years are full of abuse and snide comments, when james turns on snape ( pensieve memory ) Harry remarks to himself the speed of snapes reaction as though " he was expecting an attack ", would you honestly expect an attack if it were'nt the norm?.
Snape, unfortunately, is the way he is because of his life to date, as are we all, but, I cant see him being the way he is to Harry just because of james. If harry were as smart as hermione and had been placed in slytherin, can you see snape still being that way?.I think the reason Snape treats Harry the way he does is because he feels clever, smart people are more deserving of fame, he is only hostile to Harry at the very first, because Harrys being ignorant and not listening to what snape is saying ( P/S first potions lesson ). If Harry were more like Snape I cant see Snape hating him, and Snape said he thought " potter could be a new banner for the Death eaters to rally to " & " I was not at all inclined to murder him the moment he set foot in the castle, I was curious "
Sorry for going off topic......
Snape's a bookworm completly, he probably read and learned spells to escape reality at home ( sounds strangely familiar ).....
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Re: Where did Snape learn it all?

Originally Posted by secret seeker View Post
If harry were as smart as hermione and had been placed in slytherin, can you see snape still being that way?
I read an interesting fanfic of Harry being sorted in to Slytherin...But that is offtopic.
On the subject at hand I believe that Snape, as everyone else has said, read about it in books, probably from his mother...

But could he have also practiced it, And yes i know that under age wizards can't do magic at home, But i was sure i read somewhere...maybe OotP that if you do magic with anothers wand (who is of age) the MoM cannot pick up on it????? Or am i confusing it with other facts, or have i not only lost the plot but the whole entire library?

But that would explain his abilitys in his 1st year.....or he may very well be like Hermione.
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