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PS/SS - Chapter 14 - Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback
PS/SS - Chapter 14 - Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback
Published by Tinkerbell
PS/SS - Chapter 14 - Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback

Philosopher's Stone/ Sorcerer's Stone

Chapter 14 - Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback

As the chapter starts, our intrepid trio continue to check that Fluffy, the three-headed dog, is still on the case, guarding the trap door. The trio believe that Snape is after the Philosopher’s Stone, and Ron has even scolded other students for making fun of Professor Quirrell, following what the trio believe to be Snape threatening Quirrell in the previous chapter.

With the impending exams, Hermione begins to fret about revision, displaying for the first time in the septology her penchant for developing revision timetables for her and the other two!

Hagrid is seen, unusually, in the school’s library, and once he leaves, Ron discovers he was in the section containing books on dragons. Harry tells the others about Hagrid’s longing for a dragon of his own, and Ron expresses concern and tells Harry that dragon breeding was outlawed by the Warlock’s Convention of 1709 and Harry is surprised to learn that there are still wild dragons in Britain.

The trio visit Hagrid in his hut to challenge him about what Fluffy is guarding, and Hermione uses all her feminine wiles to charm information out of Hagrid regarding what else guards the Philosopher’s Stone.

During classes one day, the trio get a note from Hagrid telling them that the dragon is about to hatch. They arrive at Hagrid’s hut and witness the hatching, which sends Hagrid into fits of ecstasy!! It is at this point that Hagrid notices someone at the window – Malfoy. Following this, the trio worry that Malfoy will tell a Professor about the dragon, whom Hagrid has called Norbert, and finally persuade Hagrid to allow them to contact Ron’s brother, Charlie, who works with dragons, to take Norbert away from Hogwarts.

A few days later, Harry and Hermione (Ron is in the hospital wing having been bitten by Norbert) take Norbert to the tallest tower at Hogwarts in order for Charlie and his friends to take Norbert back to Romania. On the way they encounter Malfoy trying to convince Professor McGonagall that Harry has a dragon. Professor McGonagall is not convinced and gives Malfoy detention. They are not seen as once again Harry is using his Invisibility Cloak.

Once Norbert has gone, Harry and Hermione make their way back but are so distracted by the thought of Malfoy getting detention, that they forget the Cloak and are caught by Filch.

Characters who appear in the Chapter:

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Grainger, our intrepid heroes (and heroine!!!)

Fluffy the three-headed dog, who we are told is guarding the trapdoor, which the trio believes leads to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Professor Quirrell, Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher

Professor Snape, Potions Master

Rubeus Hagrid Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts

Nicholas Flamel noted alchemist and friend of Professor Dumbledore and maker of the Philosopher's Stone

Charlie Weasley, Ron’s older brother, who works with dragons in Romania

Professor Dumbledore, Hogwarts Headmaster

Professors Sprout, Flitwick and McGonagall, teachers at Hogwarts

Draco Malfoy, whom Harry hates with a passion!

Norbert the Dragon, the source of much trouble for the trio!

Hedwig the Owl, Harry’s faithful pet

Madam Pomfrey – runs the hospital wing of Hogwarts

Fang, Hagrid’s boarhound, large and cowardly dog!

Argus Filch, the caretaker, the bane of all Hogwarts students’ lives!


The sky is described as being a clear, forget-me-not blue

In describing wild dragons of Britain, Ron mentions the Common Welsh Green and the Hebridean Blacks

Norbert’s egg is described as huge and black

When he first hatches, Harry thinks Norbert looks like a crumpled black umbrella

Its spiny wings were huge compared to its skinny jet body and it had a long snout with wide nostrils, stubs of horns and bulging, orange eyes

The following day after Ron is bitten by Norbert, the cut is described as having turned a nasty shade of green.

The predominant colour (although the artists among us may argue that it is not actually a colour!) is BLACK, although we do have a mention of the colour GREEN which is one that appears quite regularly throughout the Septology.

Points of Interest

The series of events during this chapter take place around the Easter period

Harry is mentioned as reading, as part of their revision, “One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi”, looking up Dittany. Dittany is an aromatic Cretan plant with pink flowers, formerly credited with medicinal properties.

During her revision, Hermione is stated as reciting the 12 uses of dragon blood.

Hagrid tells the trio that he ‘won’ the dragon egg in a game of cards from a stranger in the village pub.

During Norbert’s hatching, we learn that baby dragons are reared on chicken blood and copious quantities of brandy

Major Events

Hagrid obtaining the dragon egg and hatching Norbert

Malfoy, having heard trio talking, seeing the events in Hagrids cabin and telling Professor McGonagall

This Chapter revolves largely around Hagrid and his deepest desire to have a dragon – this desire becomes a constant during the Septology; not only for dragons but for all types of creatures. Hagrid’s view of these creatures is one of respect and gentle regard, although the students find his enthusiasm for such creatures misplaced – particularly as they have a tendency to be dangerous!

Harry and Hermione being caught by Filch. This eventually leads to their detention being carried out in the Forbidden Forest and Harry learning more about Voldemort. He also meets the centaurs in the Forest during this detention.
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Alz on 13-11-2005, 06:02
Re: PS/SS - Chapter 14 - Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback

During this Chapter, as the preceding chapters in the first book, Harry in particular, followed usually by Ron, believes that Snape is the villain of the piece. However, on several occasions, Hagrid tells them that Snape is protecting the Stone, but Harry and Ron find this hard to believe. In the future, we have Dumbledore himself telling us that Snape can be trusted. So is the first we see of Snape the good guy?

It will be interesting to collate the number of times that Snape has appeared to be evil but in the end is thought to be good. Will we see him revealed at the end of Septology as a hero, or scumbag!!
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