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PoA - Chapter 20 - The Dementors Kiss
PoA - Chapter 20 - The Dementors Kiss
Published by Alz
PoA - Chapter 20 - The Dementors Kiss


This chapter concerns the details from the moment Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Black, Pettigrew and Snape are leaving the Shrieking Shack through the tunnel back to Hogwarts to the moment Harry thinks he see's someone familiar casting Expectro Patronum.

Initially the chapter begins with them coming out through the tunnel.

The next important moment is when Lupin transforms into a werewolf and has a fight with Black.

During all of this Pettigrew takes the disruption as he opportunity to escape and return to his master.

Black comes off worse and when Harry locates him - he is being attacked by Dementors.

Hermione and Harry both try to cast Expectro Patronum, Hermione collapsing first - Harry succumbs after a struggle.

Harry believes the last thing he saw was someone he knew casting Expectro Patronum.


With Crookshanks leading - Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Black, Pettigrew and Snape all make their way back up the tunnel, Snape drifting unconsciously.

Sirius talks to Harry about by turning in Pettigrew he is free - this progresses into Sirius asking if Harry would like to go live with him, of course Harry almost falls over himself to accept.

Harry noted how much younger Sirius seemed when her smiled at the news Harry would love to live with them.

They all break free of the tunnel and into the grounds of Hogwarts.

Lupin was concentrating on keeping his eyes and wand on Pettigrew - mentioning to remind him one false move.

Then a cloud shifted and a full moon became apparent.

Hermione notices and yell's that Lupin hasn't had his potion.

Lupin begins to transform into a werewolf - as this is happening Sirius tells them all to run but Ron and Pettigrew were chained to the transforming Lupin.

As Lupin's werewolf form is realised - Sirius transforms into his Animagus form and starts to fight Lupin.

During the fight, Pettigrew seizes Lupin's dropped wand and casts a spell at Ron and with another bang he casts a spell at Crookshanks - Harry calls expelliarmus and Pettigrew loses Lupin's wand - but then transforms into his Animagus rat form and scurries off.

Harry's attentions return back to Lupin and Black - as the werewolf Lupin runs off into the woods.

Harry see's Animagus Black is hurt but then Black scurries off into the darkness.

Harry and Hermione run over to Ron, who is still alive. Hermione tells Harry they need to go back to the castle for help - at that point Harry hears Black yelp in pain. Harry runs towards the lake where he heard the yelp as Hermione follows.

Harry see's Black, who was turned back into a man was crouched on all fours with his hands over his head.

Harry quickly see's why - at least a hundred Dementors were coming in across the lake.

Hermione tells Harry to think of something happy - of course Harry thinks of living with Black.

Both he and Hermione call Expectro Patronum over and over again as Black gave a shudder, rolled over and lay motionless.

Hermione and Harry kept calling Expectro Patronum as a line of Dementors closed in around 10 feet from them - Hermione succumbs to them and collapses.

Harry continues to think about Sirius living with him and a thin wisp of silver escapes from his wand - a Dementors comes closer, unable to walk through it, the Dementors moves it to one side. It then lowers it's hood. As it moved closer Harry's feeble patronus faded away and Harry then tries to get hold of Sirius - determined not to let the Dementor's near him.

Harry feels a pair of clammy hands suddenly wrap around his neck and pull him upwards. He could feel the breath of the Dementor as he then started to hear his mothers screams in his head.

At this point he see's a silvery light which was growing brighter and brighter, he felt himself hit the ground.

He tries to look around but with a mixture of weakness, sickness and shaking all he could see is the blinding light illuminating the grass and the cold ebbing away. Harry heard the sounds of the Dementors fading away, the air getting warmer.

He looked up to see an animal in the light, galloping away across the lake - Harry thought it looked like a unicorn.

Harry fought to stay awake as someone on the other side of the lake seemed to welcome the animal back and then pat it - it was someone Harry recognised - strangely familiar.

At this point he fainted.

Points of Note & Interest

- The Dementor had to sweep the Patronus to one side when it wanted to get closer to Harry - it couldn't walk through it

- Where the Dementors eyes should have been instead was thin, grey scabbed skin stretched blankly over empty sockets

- Strong clammy hands pulled Harry up - seems that Dementors are pretty strong as well

Plot Specific

Story Specific

Black confirms he is Harry's Godparent and wants Harry to live with him.

Pettigrew escapes.

Harry see's something or someone he thinks he knew cast Expectro Patronum from across the lake.

Septology Specific



Harry Potter

Ron Weasley

Hermione Granger

Peter Pettigrew

Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Severus Snape


Lily Potter (mention)
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