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A Place for Everything …
A Place for Everything …
Published by Alz
A Place for Everything …

A Place for Everything …

While reading the Potter books, a thought occurred to me out of the blue.
The point seemed fundamental, yet overlooked, at many places I looked.
I read, re-read, and then concluded that JKR has made no mention of this.

The question is - where are the Potters' bodies?

So let’s look at the grim facts about their demise.
We know that the Potters were killed by the Avada Kedavra spell, believed to have been performed by the Dark Lord Voldemort.
In fact this is semi-confirmed in Goblet of Fire and the ‘Priori Incantem’ wand shadows.
So for now, we are assuming the Dark Lord killed the Potters and the spell of choice was Avada Kedavra.
So, we will now look at Avada Kedavra.
We know that the Avada Kedavra is one of the ‘unforgivable’ curses and also a calling card of a Death Eater.
We have seen in various books, most noticeably again in Goblet of Fire, that Avada Kedavra leaves no mark on the victim.
The only ‘visible’ clues we have to a body being a victim of Avada Kedavra is ‘grey eyes’ and a vacant, shocked look on the face.
Most important is that it leaves no mark and thus leaves the body intact.
This is important, because we now have to ask the question of what happens to a witch or wizard once they die.
Are they buried, cremated, or is another ‘way’ designated to lay someone to rest?

Let’s look at the conventional ‘Muggle’ way of laying someone to rest.

Cremation -

If the Wizarding world considers this a ‘norm’ when someone passes away, this still leaves gaps in the Harry Potter storyline.
Generally, the ashes are recovered after a cremation and returned to the loved ones.
Generally once again, these ashes are then scattered at a location ‘dear’ to the departed or are kept in an urn.
Both of these would leave some form of ‘trace’ behind that Harry’s parents were indeed cremated; we have never seen such evidence to date.

Burial -

If the Wizarding world considers this the ‘norm’ when someone passes away, once again a gap exists.
A burial would lead to a grave. We have seen graveyards used in Harry Potter, but this was in reference to Voldemort/Riddle's grandparents and father, all of whom were Muggles.
Needless to say, the Potters would have been designated a final resting place that people would at least know about.

Other ways -

Purely speculative, but still consistent, would be the idea that perhaps Wizards and Witches are laid to rest in a different manner.
A manner JKR has yet to express or enlighten us on.
Or indeed perhaps JKR has shown us – but we haven’t made the link yet?

So this all leads onto questions - where are the Potters' bodies?
Mix with that the fact that there has never been any mention of whether they were cremated or buried - basically what happened to them after the attack?
How come Harry has never asked the question, "where are my parents now?"
Why would such a fundamental piece of information about their deaths be completely missing from five books?
How come the loving Dumbledore has never offered to take Harry to the Potters' final resting place?
How come Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, or Molly and Arthur Weasley have never mentioned it?
Were their bodies ever seen to be dead by anyone?

JKR has gone to great lengths to let us all know we will never see an alive Lily or James Potter, but has never given any information about where they ended up after the fateful night.
Is this a big clue we are looking at?
Is JKR’s failure to tie up this end so far an indicator that sometime in the next two books, Harry gets to find out what happened to his parents after their death?
Why would JKR save this information for later on, what are the implications of this information coming out later in the books?
Why conceal this information?

I think this will be answered, and perhaps, if we can second guess why it was concealed and never answered till later on, we would be getting a little further in the mysteries that surround the septology of Harry Potter.


© 2004 by MaturePotter
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Phoenix on 16-11-2005, 09:19
Re: A Place for Everything …

actually, when Dumbledore died in the Half Blood Prince, he was buried.
Lily Potter was a muggle- so she must have been buried; JKR probably didn't want to go into these details because the books are mostly in the point of view of Harry Potter. So he wouldn't know the burial place of his parents because he was so young
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Alz on 16-11-2005, 14:29
Re: A Place for Everything …

I just should add in here - these articles were recently added but were composed last year - before HBP.
As such - we learned in HBP that Harry intends to return to Godric's Hollow to see his parents graves - yet we were never told that was their final resting place.
Is Harry just making a wild assumption - I think was clever JKR play as we all sit here saying 'how does he know they are there?' ...
Last edited by Alz; 16-11-2005 at 23:38..
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gumshoe on 16-11-2005, 20:02
Re: A Place for Everything …

This is really interesting, especially considering you wrote it prior to HBP! It's almost as if JK was Legilimensing you and answered your questions in this book...Or some of them -- because how indeed does Harry know his parents' graves are there? Or if they're there at all?

You've got me thinking. (Look out... )

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Sirius Potter Fan on 17-11-2005, 06:51
Re: A Place for Everything …

We know that Harry now assumes that his parents are laid to rest in Godrick's Hollow, and that Dumbledore was aparently laid to rest on Hogwarts grounds. . . (something that had never been done before. . .curious. . . ) Also, I saw (and I don't remember exactly where right now) That the director in CoS had a graveyard placed near the Whomping Willow on Hogwarts grounds, but JKR had them remove it. Was that so Dumbledore could be the first, or something else?
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