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Deathly Hallows - Analysis A look deeper into the mysteries and clues resolved in the book.

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Re: The Elder Wand

So, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but WHAT WAS VOLDEMORT

We learned that the Elder Wand had to be taken away from its current owner to be possessed by another. The owner of the wand had to be killed or disarmed, beaten in some way, for the next person to be master, or whatever, of the wand.

So why is it then that Voldemort did not kill Snape, but made Nagini do it? Even if Snape had been the master of the Elder Wand, would that not have made Nagini the wand's master and not Voldemort?

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Re: The Elder Wand

A very good point forte . . . I hadn't thought much about that but it does seem odd there, and Voldemort could have simple called for Snape and done a fast AK before Snape knew what hit him . . . it may have worked if Snape were the master though . . . Nagini was also Voldemort's Horcrux, she contained part of his soul. Also Nagini only killed Snape on Voldemort's order, in other words, Voldemort thinking Snape was the wands master, chose to use Nagini as his weapon . . . perhaps thinking/knowing that the wand he held in his hand would not atack its own master.

But . . . in any case . . . Voldemort wasn't exactly known for thinking things through very well, was he?
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Re: The Elder Wand

Nagini had VM's soul in her so he did kill Snape. Plus DD said VM knew and understood nothing. Well said SPF.
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Re: The Elder Wand

Firstly, the reason DD dropped hints for the trio about the Deathly Hallows (through the book he gave hermione) was because he was hoping to slow them down a bit. here is the quote:

"'But the cloak i took out of vain curiosity, and so it could never have worked for me as it works for you, its true owner. The stone I would have used in an attemptto drag back those who are at peace, rather than to enable my self-sacrifice, as you did. You are the worthy possessor of the Hallows.'
Dumbledore patted Harry's hand, and Harry looked up at the old man and smiled; he could not help himself. How could he remain angry with Dumbledore now?
'Why did you have to make it so difficult?'
'I am afraid I counted on Miss Ganger to slow you up, Harry. I was afraid you hot head might dominate your good heart. I was scared that, if presented outright with the facts about those tempting objects, you might seize the Hallows as I did, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. If you laid hands on them, I wanted you to possess them safely.' " (Deathly Hallows US edition, ch. 35, pg. 720 4th paragraph)

ok, what can we gather from this passsage? basically, DD wanted harry to have the stone, since he put the stone in the snitch, and left the clue "I open at the close" for harry. he left the book with hermione so that she would wonder what the heck that symbol was (the one that represents the Hallows) and was counting on Hermione to take a long time to figure out what i meant. why? so that when harry did find out about the hallows, he wouldnt make DD mistake when DD found out about them. namely, seeking them for the reason of defeating someone (Voldemort).

as many will remember, when harry did find out about the Hallows, he did just what DD didnt want him to do: seek them for the destruction of another. Harry dwelled on the Hallows and FORGOT about the Horcruxes, feeling the Hallows would be enough to kill Voldemort. what stopped harry from this manic search? Dobby. That little elf died saving Harry (a crime i believe Bellatrix will go to heck for.) and harry dug the elf's grave muggle style (that is, with a shovel, not wand) while digging, harry decided that the Horcruxes are what he should be searching for.

ok, as for the elder wand. DD intended to die with out being defeated, and figured Harry wouldnt ever really figure out where the wand was. and in the case that harry did find out, he had planned on dieing undefeated, so the wand wouldnt work for harry anyway, or atleast it would work like a regular wand.

now what if harry never found out about the hallows? well, DD probably thought that if harry never found out, it would be alright, cause harry would just be confused when he saw the ring in the snitch. if harry hadnt found out what the hallows were, he may have just put the ring on and felt strengthened by being reminded of DD, since that was the horcrux that DD destroyed.

so yeah, DD planned that Harry would end up wit htwo hallows, the stone and cloak. as for the wand, he didnt want anyone to have the wand, cause he knew it was dangerous. but, unforseen to DD, draco beat him, thus draco became the master and never knew it. Harry luckily beat Draco, and became the master of the wand. Thus, harry became master of the hallows, something DD never planned on. hopefully i have cleared some stuff up with out being confusing.

oh, and DD was probably hoping to show Harry how to destroy a horcrux when they got back with the locket, but died before he was able to. and since DD isnt psychic, when he saw the end was near, he knew that Hermione knew about the horcruxes, so his plan B would have been our little book-worm going out and either finding or buying a book that talked about Horcruxes. which she did, she summoned the book or books from his office. and she knew all along how to destroy the horcruxes. afterall, she would have figured out whyin the heck DD wanted them to have the sword. if not, she probably could have figured out how to cast Fiendfyre to destroy it. that spell may have been in the book that talked about horcruxes. and though hermione herself said that she would never have tried it, i bet that in the case that all else failed, and they had all the horcruxes with no way of destroying them, she would have tried it.

sorry bout the length. lot to say.
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